IT-as-a-Service startup Deeploi raises €3m

diployA German-based startup building an IT-as-a-Service platform announced today that it has raised a €3 million seed funding round led by the Berlin Organisation. Cherry VenturesWith the participation of a group of angels that includes the founders of Taktile, Moss, Vay and Sender.

The company was founded by Julien Lubeck and Philip Hoffmann. Luebke got his start at Rocket Internet and later joined real estate startup McMakler as its first employee, focusing on operations. Meanwhile, Hoffman founded an IT company ten years ago, which started as a traditional IT service provider and then transitioned into a managed service provider with a focus on Apple platforms. Therefore, Hoffman also created the company’s mobile device management (MDM) system.

“I thought it might be very cool to connect everything — to have everything in one platform and automate everything,” Hoffman explained. “Then I met Julian and I realized this could work very well. I came up with the idea. I had the experience – and we have Julian to scale the business.”

The founders, who founded the company late last year, describe Deeploi as an all-in-one IT platform that combines standard IT functionality and premium company support with IT agents to answer support calls. The team will cover everything from setup and support, endpoint management, network management, and shutdown. For its security offering, Deeploi will partner with a cybersecurity firm.

“The main difference with a lot of today’s business models is that we provide companies with IT as a service,” Luebke explained. “Companies don’t have to set up an IT department on their own. We can take over these functions entirely – or we can enhance existing setups if they’ve already built an IT department. They can use our platform and they can also use our premium support, for example, and we can take on easy, repetitive and redundant tasks about the need for them.

Because Deeploi can pull data from existing systems (such as HR) and then integrate it into their platform, it can also help companies automate a lot of functions. When a new employee is assigned to the HR system, for example, the company can then automatically send them a new Macbook and set up access to some SaaS tools.

Luebke noted that ideal clients for Deeploi are modern companies, which operate in the cloud with modern technology clusters, including branding agencies, marketing firms, and D2C firms. For now, the company plans to focus on the Western European market, where it has now begun testing its service with a select number of users. The plan is to launch the platform to a wider audience in June.

“Once we establish market dominance in Western Europe and really build our product, we don’t really see any limiting factors going into the US,” Luebke said.

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