Jacobi Brissett, Nick Chap Strength Brown Past Steelers

It wasn’t great sometimes, but Jacobi Brisset and the Cleveland Browns exceed the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night.

Brown, thanks to a lengthy touchdown campaign to start the fourth quarter and then a defensive touchdown in the last second, held out to defeat the Steelers 29-17 at First Energy Stadium. Winning both gives them a chance to beat a division rival and erase last week’s late loss to New York Jets.

Brissett went 21 of 31 for 220 yards and threw twice in the win in what is arguably his best Deshaun Watson performance as a Brown start. running back Nick Chubb He hit 113 yards on 21 gigs, too, and had his own touchdown in his second 100-yard game of the season.

“Jacobi is a dog man,” Chubb said on Amazon Prime Video after the win. “He’s a great leader for us, he’s my voice, he’s a playmaker. We need a play, and he’ll make it for us.”

With a two-point lead to start the fourth quarter, Brissett and Chubb led the Browns down the field in 11 games, 80 yards to finally give them a break with the Steelers. Chubb handled almost the entire drive off the ground except for one 32-yard deep throw Amary Cooper.

The Steelers earned a field goal after a promising late run of his own, for the first time in some time, and reclaimed the ball in the final seconds inside their five-yard line. But that final play failed miserably, however, and Denzel Ward He recovered from a stumble in the end zone after several side points to give Cleveland their 12-point win.

Brissett was dealing in the first inning, finding the end zone twice as he lifted for 134 yards – first for Cooper for 11 yards and then again David Ngoku To toss seven yards. They could have been tied up at the break except for an extra point missed.

But it was George Pickens, the Steelers receiver, who stole the show in half and kept Pittsburgh in it. Pickens By dropping what could easily be hunting season With his hunting extended with one hand in the first quarter, making his first landing of the night.

Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubesky Then he ran elsewhere to give them the lead at the break.

Far from those scoring engines, the Steelers struggled to get plenty of attacks – especially in the second half. They had three straight points on either side of Cleveland’s relegation in the fourth quarter before Trubisky finally put them in the scoring position again. However, they had to content themselves with a field goal and then missed an onside kick to solidify their loss.

“If you can’t slow Chap down, you can’t beat this group… We have to be score, and we will,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. “So there’s not really much to talk about. We have to look at this tape and learn and get better, and get better really fast.”

Trubisky finished the night with a 19-of-31 throw for 209 yards, and had a quick touchdown. Nagy Harris, who scored the other touchdown for Pittsburgh, had 56 yards off the ground on 15 buggies. The Steelers have now lost two games in a row after losing last week to the New England Patriots.

Jacobi Brissett of the Cleveland Browns

Jacobi Brissett and Browns held off a late comeback to eliminate last week’s late loss to the Jets on Thursday night. (Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Browns LP Anthony Walker drives the exit

Browns midfielder Anthony Walker was ejected from the field in the third quarter after he fired a shot in the face and then dropped his leg.

Walker has been banned on Earth Choco Okorafor, who then jumped over it to keep it low. While Walker was on the floor, he was a Steelers businessman James Daniels He was seen accidentally stepping on his leg.

Then Walker was put into a carriage with a broadcast on his leg and taken off the field. No longer. Details about his injury are not yet known, and the team has ruled him out due to a knee injury. Coach Kevin Stefanski later said he had sprained his knee.

Walker had six high saves for the team when he fell. The 27-year-old, who is in his second season with the Browns, fought seven total tackles in his first two games of the season.

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