Japan vs Costa Rica – World Cup: Team News, Lineups & Predictions

Japan will meet Costa Rica on Sunday morning in a meeting between two teams that enjoyed varying fortunes in the opening World Cup.

Coach Hajime Moriyasu described Japan’s 2-1 victory over Germany as “a historic moment and a historic victory”. Costa Rica’s rivalry with Spain would also secure a place in the history books – but for all the wrong reasons.

The 7-0 loss suffered by Luis Fernando Suarez’s side was comfortably the country’s biggest World Cup defeat. Most damningly, it was the first time a country had gone an entire match without a single shot – on goal or otherwise – since Costa Rica were guilty of the same toothless display against Brazil in 1990 (per Opta).

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming showdown between these contrasting nations.

Results of the Japan vs Costa Rica match in the second half (all time)

Current format (last five matches)

Japan Team News

Japan finished the match with a completely different system and personnel than the one that lost 1-0 in the first half Germany. Moriyasu finished the match with two wingers at full back and three up front behind only two midfielders – one of whom scored.

Japan is unlikely to launch an all-out attack from the start against Costa Rica, but Moriyasu may be tempted to stick to the back three who dealt with Germany’s over-threat after the first half.

Japan starting from 11 (3-4-3): Gonda. Itakura, Yoshida, Tomiyasu; Sakai, Endo, Tanaka, Nagatomo; J Ito, Asano, Kamada.
seat: Kawashima Schmidt, H. Ito, Taniguchi, Yamane, Morita, Shibasaki, Minamino, Maeda, Soma, Kubo, Doan, Machino, Ueda, Mitoma.

Costa Rica Team News

Suarez is expected to have a full squad at his disposal. But how many xi home it Spain Sentenced to death by a thousand passes (1045 to be exact) they will hold their spot until we can see it.

Costa Rica starting 11 (5-4-1): Navas. Fuller, Duarte, Aston, Calvo, Oviedo; Campbell, Tejeda, Aguilera, Zamora; contreras.
seat: Alvarado, Sequeira, Chacon, Vargas, Matarita, Lopez, Salas, Wilson, Torres, Bennett, Borges, Ruiz, Hernandez, Venegas, Martinez.

Spain victory It was comprehensively frustrating, with Costa Rica coach Suarez fearing its wider repercussions. “Psychologically I’m really worried that we won’t be able to recover from this,” he admitted.

Of the previous ten teams that have conceded at least seven goals in a World Cup match, eight have lost in their next match. However, while there is precedent for a miraculous turnaround, Japan should have more than enough to multiply the problems of fragile Costa Rica.

Predictions: Japan 2-0 Costa Rica

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