Jonas Edvall explains how Arsenal plan to tackle Beth Mead’s injury in the AFC Champions League

Jonas Edvall explained Arsenal must start building from the basics so the team can deal with Beth Mead’s long-term absence.

The Arsenal forward has been a regular for club and country after enjoying a stunning 2022 title, but has been confined to the sidelines for a long time after suffering what was later discovered to be an ACL tear in the Women’s Football League clash with Manchester United on Saturday night.

Mead is one of a number of first-team regulars currently injured for Arsenal, along with captain Kim Little and first-choice centre-back Rafael and Leah Williamson.

Injuries at this time last year had a detrimental effect on Arsenal’s 2021/22 campaign, and so did Edivall. previously said The lessons he learned from this period of injury were the willingness to make small adjustments to the way his team plays according to the personnel available – and he stressed the importance of adapting depending on the personnel he chooses.

“One of my biggest reflections on the Manchester United game is that when you change players, you don’t just change one player, you’re basically putting a new team in there,” the Arsenal boss explained.

“And that means everything you do now has to start from the basics. And you can’t take that for granted just because we did something three weeks ago and it will happen automatically again. So, this is where we need to work with it and not forget the basics so we’re building Brick by brick and we don’t think we can build on something we had five weeks ago.

“I think I made a mistake before the United game with this, even if it was short. Now we put that here in the Juventus game.”

Meade is one of several high-profile players in the women’s game who are currently sidelined with a long-term injury, with several of those players — including Alexia Putellas, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, and Catarina Macario — tearing their anterior cruciate ligaments.

WSL rivals Chelsea recently lost Pernell Harder ‘for a long time’ to a hamstring injury, and Emma Hayes was He criticizes the relentless soccer schedule And the impact of this on the well-being of the player. Manchester United coach Mark Skinner has Talk about the need to protect players Edivall also referred to the busy international football calendar when discussing Mead’s injury.

“Obviously player loading and fatigue is something we constantly monitor and worry about, so if that was going to be an obvious factor for us ahead of this game, we wouldn’t play it,” Edvall added.

“But then it can still happen which of course makes it difficult. When you see the amount of injuries – yeah, I think the fixture schedule, especially for players who play tournaments, doesn’t help with injury.”

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