Julio Ureas, Clayton Kershaw…Then who? Dodgers have time to find out


Dodgers player Clayton Kershaw waves to Dodgers fans after the team's 4-0 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks

Dodgers player Clayton Kershaw waves to the crowd after the team’s 4-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks to win the Western National League title Tuesday in Phoenix. (Ross D. Franklin/The Associated Press)

There is no one way to win the playoffs. But there is a model that is mostly perfect over all the others.

Get a stable rotation topped with a couple of aces. Own a few dominant arms to ride at the back end of the game. And you have an opportunistic squad with enough star power to withstand the rigors of post-season.

these years Dodgers The last team squared away.

But when it comes to their staff—rotation and leadership, both—they’re shaping up to have a very different October scheme.

boss Dave Roberts knows this.

admit it later Julio Urreas And the Clayton Kershawthe remainder of their knockout cycle has yet to be decided, with Tony JohnslinPersistent forearm pain caused recent uncertainty for a group that had already lost its opening day start.

Roberts hasn’t been committed to who will wrap up matches, still hoping to get more strokes of luck from a relief team that has battled its share of injuries.

“I’m even more encouraged by what it will be like in a couple of weeks,” Roberts said when asked about the state of his team’s show crew. “I think there is a chance for us to be better in a couple of weeks than we are now.”

However, he is also not interested.

Wednesday afternoon, with the glare of the night before The victory of the resolution of the division Roberts still brightened his smiling face, as he put a touch of optimism on his team’s playoff plans.

“The kind of topic we have for our presentation team, as we look at it, is that the sum is better than the individual parts,” Roberts said.

When asked if it was important – or if he was concerned – that it might not be seen as the most typical course to take in qualifying, Roberts shook his head.

“Not at all,” he said. “It’s about winning a baseball game, winning a streak, blocking runs, scoring goals. However, we can do it – whether it’s more creative or unnatural, I don’t think we worry about it. Nor are our players.”

Time will tell if Roberts and his bosses in the front office are right.

To this point, the roster they’ve built has been clipped through the regular season like a finely tuned machine, and their leading MLB lineup to date has been perfectly complemented by a deep-rooted staff driving the top companies on Team ERA at 2.84.

“We’ve put another layer of focus on our depth,” general manager Brandon Gomez said Tuesday night of how the team has handled its roster this season, standing alongside Andrew Friedman, head of baseball operations, at a champagne-infused club. “Being able to close the division and set things up for the play-offs would be very helpful.”

But with the first game of a potential series of leagues still four weeks away, questions still mount up the hill – inevitable doubts for even the best teams, but looming potential flaws nonetheless threaten to derail the Dodgers’ pursuit of a second world title in three years .

Julio Jureas plays the Giants on August 3 in San Francisco.

Julio Jureas plays the Giants on August 3 in San Francisco. (Jeff Chiu/The Associated Press)

Start by rotation: Urías is a Cy Young nominee and has thrived during the second half of the season, putting him on track to be the October Dodgers Champion for the first time in his career. Kershaw has been electrocuted when he’s healthy, and he hopes aging will return again with holding out for another seven weeks.

After that, the picture became less clear.

Tyler Anderson He made the All-Star Team and leads the Dodgers in turns, a low-stakes depth addition that helped save a lost team Walker Buhler to Tommy John’s surgery.

Dustin May He was inconsistent in his return from Tommy John’s surgery, yet he has some of the most electric stuff on the crew.

They appear to be the candidates most likely to fill the #3 and #4 positions in the rotation. However, on Wednesday, Roberts was reluctant to solidify them in such roles.

He said, “I don’t know.” “At the moment they have started matches for us. I don’t want to put a number on these people.”

Los Angeles Dodgers starts Tony Gonsulin (26) throws.

Field pitch to Tony Jonesulin against the Milwaukee Brewers on August 23 at Dodger Stadium. (Ashley Landis/The Associated Press)

Gonsolin was supposed to enter that discussion, after breaking his All-Star caliber this season.

But his recent forearm injury has yet to dissipate. Roberts said the right-handed had an “encouraging” bulls session on Wednesday afternoon, but then also opened up the possibility of using Gonsolin in the qualifying game, if he can’t recover in time to rebuild stamina at a rotational level.

“Everything is on the table – as it should be,” said Roberts. “But it all depends on how he feels.”

The condition of the bulls is also not certain.

While Evan Phillips, Alex Vezia, Caleb Ferguson and Chris Martin have emerged in recent weeks as the basis for the squad’s power cuts, their position in close proximity is still precarious. Another setback Craig Kimbrel Wednesday.

Although they are also hoping for more long-term reinforcements – Tommy Kanley looked sharp on his return from the injured list on Wednesday, while Yensi Almonte, Prosdar Gratterol, Blake Trainen and David Price are also expected to be in good health before the end of the game. Season – They remained more frustrated at the back end than they expected when they stayed relatively quiet on the trade deadline.

“Getting back a few of the guys,” Roberts said, “is definitely part of figuring out how the puzzle worked.”

The Dodgers are undoubtedly still in an enviable position. Unlike last year, when Roberts admitted running out of gas, especially on the hill, in NLCS Loss To Atlanta BravesThis time, they’ll avoid the wild ride. They’ll almost certainly have an advantage on their turf throughout October as well.

But they still don’t know how many rounds they’ll get from the start, how many painkillers they’ll be at full power, or who they’ll be called to get the last three endings.

“All of these things will be brought up and talked about,” Roberts said.

But only in October will they find out if they have enough firepower on the hill.

This story originally appeared Los Angeles Times.


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