Justin Sun of Tron puts on the skin in a game of Mimi Queen. Pledge of profits to charities


  • Tron’s Justin Sun made a big statement involving meme coins and charities.
  • As expected, dramatic reactions influenced Tron’s founder’s remarks.
  • It’s no stranger to the founder of Tron to make bold promises.

Hate it or love it, Your Excellency Justin Sun (at least that’s what we prefer to call him) never fails to create excitement and make tongues wag with his bold promises.

In the latest example, file You see The founder announced his intention to start trading meme coins and “promising projects” through his public wallet address, and promised to donate any profits to charity.

In about three hours, the tweet has garnered over 800,000 views and 4,000 likes at the time of writing, with some users speculating that this is a tactic by a crypto billionaire to take a tax deduction.

Accointing, Glassnode’s tax compliance service, commented, “His eagerness to lower taxes and do good for the world with his meme coins, you’d love to see it.”

Crypto Rand, @crypto_rand on Twitter, also supported this view, tweeting, “Tax loss?”

This irony is not surprising since the founder of Tron has a history of not putting his money where his mouth is, as shown in the examples below.

Sun pledges $5 billion to revive the crypto industry

In July 2022, the cryptocurrency industry was dealing with the fact that it was in a bear market cycle firmly as the cracks caused by Terra ecosystem collapse began to appear. Like popular lenders Voyager And Celsius They were about to file for bankruptcy, and there was a lot of talk of bailouts.

Not to be outdone, Sun announce He will spend $5 billion on industry recovery efforts.

Of course, after this announcement, there was no further word of the $5 billion initiative.

At the beginning of a new year, it is not uncommon for people to set ambitious goals for themselves. However, Sun’s resolutions for 2023 are in a class by themselves.

Founder of Tron claimed He planned to have five countries accept TRX as legal tender, including China.

Sun still has time to make good on that promise, but there’s no indication he’s made any effort to act on it or that China is interested.

Sun offers to buy Credit Suisse

By March 2023, cracks in the banking system due to the Fed’s rate hike regime were beginning to appear with the rapid collapse of banks such as Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank, and Signature Bank.

The infection has notably spread to Europe where Credit Suisse is also reported to be at risk. Jump on the hype surrounding the news, Sun progress to buy the bank for $1.5 billion with plans to “integrate it into the Web3.0 world”.

This deal never happened, as with other grand schemes from Sun.

on the flip side

  • Scammers are already trying to capitalize on Justin Sun’s latest campaign by creating fraudulent projects and buying tokens that pretend to be the founder of Tron, according to PeckShieldAlert. a report.

Why should you bother

Despite his reputation, the founder of Tron is still hugely influential in crypto. Apart from sparking conversations, Sun’s comments could also affect the markets.

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