Kane returns to the Oilers lineup after 10 weeks of horrific injury

Kane's wrist was torn in a freak accident in early November.  (GT)

Kane’s wrist was torn in a freak accident in early November. (GT)

the Edmonton Oilers It’s set to receive a major jolt before tilting on Tuesday night with Red Hot Seattle Kraken.

Evander Kane He would mark his long-awaited return to the Oilers lineup, ten weeks after suffering a horrific wrist injury that led to hospitalization and emergency surgery in early November.

According to the Oilers lines at practice Monday, Kane looks like he is The tandem skating game begins Ryan MacLeod And Warren Voegele In the third line, though it seems only a matter of time until Kane rejoins Edmonton’s top six due to his position in the lineup prior to injury.

“[I] I feel so good now, I was dying to go back three and a half weeks ago After training on Monday. “It was a lot of skating and a lot of practice.”

Triple-winners, the Oilers will no doubt welcome Kane back with open arms given his up and down season. In his absence, the club went to an average of 16-12-3 while falling out of the playoff picture on points. Edmonton is currently clinging to a wild spot in the Western Conference.

in a similar motion, Kyler Yamamoto He was placed on LTIR with an undisclosed injury and will be able to return after the NHL All-Star break in early February.

Kane’s recovery is particularly impressive given his initial three to four month time frame. For reference, just three seasons ago, then maple leaves Forward Ilya Mikheev missed the remainder of the Covid-shortened 2019-20 season after slashing his wrist in a similar on-ice incident in December, only returning during the Maple Leafs’ playoff streak against Columbus that summer.

While Kane admits his wrist is not at its full capacity compared to it used to be, the 31-year-old still shares optimism about his ability to contribute going forward.

“I think shooting is where it has to be successful,” said Kane. “Is it 100%? No, but I come back without excuses.

“I don’t know if she’s going to be at her full strength, at least this season, but I feel she’s going to be as good as she’s going to be for a decent amount of time here.”

Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft expressed similar optimism.

“With his return on the horizon and where our team is, I think it’s a positive thing,” he said. Woodcroft said. “Anytime you can add a player of his caliber, I think that’s a real positive for your organization.”

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