Karl Schaevers to lead the responsible crew

Carl Shavers will lead his crew to his third Super Bowl.  (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Carl Shavers will lead his crew to his third Super Bowl. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

The NFL announced Tuesday that Carl Shavers will be the referee for Super Bowl LVII in Arizona this year.

This will be Cheffers’ third Super Bowl appearance after he officiated Super Bowl LV in 2021 and Super Bowl LI in 2017. The 62-year-old referee previously officiated an AFC Divisional Championship game between Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo bills.

Schiffers, who has been a referee for 23 years and a referee for 15, will be joined by seven other officials, four of whom have previous Super Bowl experience.

Cheffers is known for leading the staff who threw eight penalty flags in the first half against Kansas City Chiefs in 2021 Set a Super Bowl record From a 95-yard penalty in the first half and Six defeats first penalty. bosses Lost to me Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tom BradyThe first season away from New England Patriots. Fifteen total penalties They were called into that game.

Thirteen penalties She was called up to Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and Atlanta Falcons By Cheffers Crew.

And in 17 games this season, the Cheevers’ Crews have called 214 penalties for 1,869 yards, according to the Los Angeles Times. NFLpenalties.com And profootballreference.com, which averaged about 14.35 per game. And these total numbers ranked first among all referees in 2022, according to NFLpenalties.com, while his average tied for second in the league. Schafer mostly calls false starts and offensive penalties, but is also called defensive pass tackle 17 times and unnecessary roughness 13 times, which Rank Third for both.

One of the biggest concerns this year Rough punishments revolve around passing bybut Schiffers has only called six in 2022, which is Sixth place among his peers. it was there Multiple controversial calls All season, incl Silly idea against the New York Giants In a wild NFC card match with Minnesota Vikings.

The crew in charge of the Super Bowl has some firsts and firsts

The Cheffers staff has a few veterans and two first-time Super Bowl officials.

Line judge Jeff Bergman is the most full-time official in the Super Bowl and plans to retire after 30 seasons in the league. Judge Eugene Hall will officiate his third Super Bowl in five seasons — the most in that time period since Tom Siverman, according to Zebras Football. Umpire Roy Ellison and back judge Dino Paganelli will also be part of his third Super Bowl team. Hall and Paganelli were both on the Cheffers staff in 2021.

For the former, bottom judge Jerrod Phillips will become the first Cherokee Nation to be named to a Super Bowl, according to Zebras Football. Field judge John Jenkins would also serve to his first Super Bowl after nine years in the league.

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