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Cardano Node v.8.0.0 and Lace 1.1.0: Key points from the development report
  • Input Output Global shared Cardano’s Weekly Development Report as of May 12th.
  • The report highlights Node version v.8.0.0, new Lace version 1.1.0, and new distribution 2318.0.
  • Cardano stats show that the platform has facilitated 66.3 million transactions.

Input Output Global (IOG), the engineering and research firm behind the Cardano blockchain platform, has shared its latest Cardano Weekly Development Report. Progress made by the IOG development team includes node upgrades, wallet improvements, smart contract innovations, and much more.

Every Friday, Essential Cardano publishes its highly anticipated weekly development report. The recently unveiled report, released on May 12, features significant releases and developments within the various core teams.

One of the main highlights of the development report is the release of Cardano node v.8.0.0 by the core technology team, which introduces new governance measures that facilitate polling on the SPO chain. In addition, the Ledger team focused on strengthening Conway’s ledger era and node integration, and the report also highlights that the Daedalus team released a new Lace version 1.1.0, which brings several improvements and features for a better user experience. The Cardano wallet development team is also working hard on a Liss desktop app to provide support for HD wallets and multiple authorizations. Improvement of the Plutus Tx standard library. Furthermore, the Marlowe team added library functionality for contract integrity checks and worked on Marlowe Runtime and Explorer.

Another notable update mentioned in the report is the Mithril team’s release of a new distribution 2318.0 and preparation for the release of Mithril on the mainnet. Furthermore, IOG, in collaboration with EMURGO and the Cardano Foundation, has announced successful applicants for CIP-1694 Workshop Grants.

The report also revealed Cardano’s stats. To date, 126 projects have been launched on the platform, with an impressive 1,240 projects currently in development. The total number of original tokens is 8.24 million, accompanied by 73,114 token policies. Additionally, Cardano has seen the creation of 7,962 Plutus scripts, including 2,463 Plutus V2 scripts. In the end, the platform also facilitated 66.3 million large transactions.

Cardano Node v.8.0.0 and Lace 1.1.0: Highlights in the Development Report debuted in Coin Edition.

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