releases early event, gas fee consumption exceeds ENS, public claim soon

On November 17,’s DID protocol launched permanent free early events for the .did domain, with over 10,000 users participating online. Within 24 hours, on-chain gas fee consumption exceeded ENS, resulting in a 50% growth rate for .did domain owners. At present, the number of community members has exceeded 60,000 in the first week. is said to have partnered with BitKeep Wallet, iToken Wallet, Bybit, KuCoin Wallet, Coinhub Wallet, ONTO Wallet, Assure Wallet, and other industry-leading wallets, DeFi, and exchanges. DAOs, NFT communities, and more to build a .did domain network.

The .did domain is permanently free, de-platform, supports cross-chaining, has a fair distribution scheme and has the support of high-level partners. The .did domain also has a distinct competitive advantage compared to other DID projects, as the current mainstream domain names from public chains such as .eth, .bnb, .sol, etc., do not correspond to each other and form fragmented user groups. At the same time, it also requires exorbitant ownership renewal fees, which hinders the entry of new users to the Web. has also opted for a fair distribution system for premium domains. Unlike most projects flooded with click farmers or pirate projects, only allows a single address for the mint 1.did domain in the early bird stage, largely avoiding the problem of premium domains being passed away or the speculation of leaving the project team with priorities . Based on the fact that DID remains mostly speculative, has retained and will continue to allocate some domain names to users who have contributed to the community through airdrops and auctions.

Corey Buck, CEO, He said: “It was an incredibly difficult time. We still decided to launch the project in light of the challenges of the bear market. The active participation of our community in the Early Bird event gave us great confidence. We want to start a new phase of permanently free DID ownership, which It provides users with a low barrier to DID ownership experience, breaking the cycle and attracting more users to enter Web3. We hope that our initial intention of permanently providing fair and free ownership will bring more convenience to Web3 users.”

Just because you’re free doesn’t mean you don’t have a business model, Buck continued. has reserved some short domains with less than 5 figures and can be purchased through auctions, and the proceeds will be used to build the project in the long term. will also launch a luxury domain project in the near future. will also launch its official public DID at 20:00 (UTC+8) on November 18. Kory Pak believes that it may be a historic day for the DID industry to become completely free.

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