Kiefer Moore names the elite forward he studied to help improve his game

Wales striker Kiefer Moore has revealed that he spends a great deal of time studying players who he feels can help benefit his game – naming Zlatan Ibrahimovic as an example of how it can become more than just one dimensional. Big man in front.

Moore is set to lead the line for Wales’ World Cup opener against the United States on Monday night, and has moved to international duty after a solid scoring run for Bournemouth in Premier League.

It was Moore’s first year at the top of the English pyramid, and it was quite an achievement to score goals at that level for a player who earlier in his career had balanced working out in the gym with playing football.

Although Moore admitted he was ready for the move, he spent some time studying how to make the most of his position against top level defenders.

“I wouldn’t say it surprised me. I knew what I was going through,” he said of playing in the Premier League.

“I spent years studying the league and mainly looking at what defenders do and don’t like. I knew I had to be a certain type and [bring] Aggression that defenders don’t really like.

“I think in that short period of time that I’ve been in the Premier League I feel like I’ve really gotten better. That’s who I really am. I like to keep improving and I always believe I can learn and do more and I want to do that more.

“You see players imposing themselves on people and I think that makes them unique.

“You can control the person you’re facing in a certain physical and aggressive way. I like to lean on areas where I think I can get an advantage, and I see [if defenders] I don’t like the things I do, and I like to play on that.”

Although Moore has made a real effort to bring more to his game than just physicality, and emerges as such with solid close control and the ability to score a wide variety of goals. Forwards of Moore’s size are a rare breed at the top of the game today although he did name-drop Zlatan Ibrahimovic, especially in his earlier career, as an example to follow.

When asked about the players he studied, he said: “One of the things that comes to mind is Zlatan.” “You can see the physical prowess he has, the way he carries himself, his personality and the way he plays football.

“I’ve watched countless videos of just about every striker worth watching. I like to analyze a lot of other people to see if that can help me.

“I feel like I learned a lot from these videos and understood what different people do and the ways they play their game.

“Especially from his early years, you would probably look at him and think he’s big and strong, maybe a one-dimensional player. But he’s so much more than that and he’s technically amazing.

“I aspire from that because I didn’t want to be a one-dimensional player who couldn’t move and put the ball at his feet. I wanted to not be in the same mold so much, but I like to watch Zlatan.”

Wales play England in the final Group B match in Qatar and Moore admitted he would not have mixed loyalties ahead of the match despite being born across the bridge.

“I love playing for Wales and it really is the biggest honor of my life,” he said. “I’m happy to put my body on the line and if it means the difference in knocking someone down or scoring a goal, I’ll make it every time.

on me England, he added. “I can’t wait to fire them, it will be great. There will be no mixed loyalties.”

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