LAFC defender Giorgio Chiellini reveals how the MLS transfer happened

Veteran defender Giorgio Chiellini has revealed that his move to LAFC at MLS came only as a result of Italy not reaching the 2022 World Cup.

Chiellini joined the Black and Gold in June after a glittering 17-year spell with Juventus, where he made 561 appearances in all competitions and won a host of major titles, including nine. Italian Serie A titles.

At the international level, Chiellini made 117 caps for Italy, helping them win the European Championship just last year.

However, the azure Failed to make the FIFA World Cup for the second time in a row – a failure which Chiellini says opened the door for him to be able to move on to MLS and LAFC.

“I follow this league for many years,” he said call up Audio notation. “I see how it is growing.

“I have always been fascinated by the United States as life, MLS as my league, and after losing the opportunity to go to the World Cup, I got a call from LAFC and started to think it was a good moment for me and my family to experience this.”

Chiellini has now played nine times LAFCwho are fighting hard alongside Philadelphia Union for the title of Fans’ Shield.

At 38, Chiellini is definitely heading toward the end of his career, but with that comes the opportunity to take his years of experience to others, including the dark arts, to a team and league he’s admired so far.

“We have a good defense and I’m happy to stay with them, maybe teach them some little secrets, the heart of the defense and some darker arts!” Chiellini laughed. But the level of defense is good.

“I’m still in great shape and in good shape, not like I was 25, but I still feel happy and happy to be here. I hope I can help this league continue to grow and try to do my part. I really believe in it. I hope with my attendance that MLS is pursued more in Europe.

“Between now and 2026, the World Cup is here and this league has a good chance of continuing to increase its presence.”

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