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Yesterday my youngest daughter and I were walking one of our dogs when I asked a question her older sister asked two years ago. This question was, “Why did we fall?” I did my best to explain it to her (she turns four and five next month) in terms she could understand. I think she got the gist of it. Why did we fall?

If you have elementary school students wondering “Why did we fall?” Here are some good little videos on this topic.

Why are there seasons? From SciShow Kids is a good video lesson about the seasons. The video is suitable for students in elementary grades.

Reasons for the seasons This is a TED-Ed lesson suitable for elementary and middle school students. The lesson explains the relationship between the shape of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the Earth’s tilt on its axis, and how this affects the amount of sunlight in different regions of the Earth.

What is Harvest Moon?

While searching for the above videos, I came across a related video that I featured in a blog post a couple of years ago. this video ScienceCasts: Harvest Moon. In the video, the NASA ScienceCasts team explains why the full moon closest to the northern autumnal equinox is called The Harvest Moon and why other moons have names as well (have you heard of a snow moon or a wolf moon?). I found the video interesting, and I hope you and your students will too.

Why don’t the leaves change color?

Science filmmaking tips provide a good picture, partly animated, Explanation Why do leaves change colors, what produces colors, and why bright, sunny days are best for viewing red leaves. The video is included below.

Interactions, a great YouTube channel from the American Chemical Society, makes a great video about the chemistry that goes into the process of changing the color of leaves. The videos explain how chlorophyll and glucose stored inside trees help reveal the red, yellow and brown hues of deciduous foliage.

SciShow Kids Shows This is a short video lesson To answer the question “Why do the leaves change color in the fall?” The next video is about the science of changing leaves.

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