Let’s find this reader a costume on the first day of school!

Recently, a Cup of Jo reader called in to help find outfits for the first day of school…

“This year, I’m turning 40 and making a career change,” Ann wrote. “I’m starting law school in the fall, just as my older kid started in kindergarten (we’ll buy school supplies together!). I’m excited but nervous about being the ‘old lady’, so on day one, I want to look confident And the Interesting to have lunch with. Please share tips! “

First, congratulations! We root for you. Second, 40 young and gorgeous! Remember this comment from A reader named Libyan? “The most amazing woman I ever knew retired from journalism at age 62 and went to law school right away. She practiced law until she was 94. It’s never too late.” For first-day-of-school outfits, here are eight great pieces (that would also work well for the office)…

First day of school uniform

Oversized jacket: The academic setting asks for the jacket, so give people what they want! this is modern version Polished enough to visit the professor’s office hours, yet informal enough for drinks with his classmates.

Dark washed denim shirt

denim shirt: If you are looking for a better look for a white shirt dress uniform with pants, swap a Fitted jeans shirt. With a dark wash and a crisp feel, this top is a great cousin to button-up shirts. I was going to put it in this drape pants.

wide pants

wide leg pants: I hope everyone can own a pair of wide pants. They instantly elevate any outfit and have personality without looking at the costumes. (Plus, they make the ultimate weekend look using white sneakers.)

statement jacket

Statement jacket: When you head to the law library (quiet, please!), add a splash of color to liven things up. this is red polo jacket It makes a cheerful statement and can be paired beautifully with a favorite pair of jeans. This is the other red jacket It is just plain fun and only $22.

slip midi skirt

slip skirt: this is midi It is an essential item in the closet. Shine and a cute face make it elegant and fun, two attitudes we can all channel more into in our lives.

jacket dress

blazer dress: To feel confident, comfort is key. This skimming jacket dress It strikes the perfect balance between seduction and comfort. It gives a “cool look while wearing the blanket”. This font is all inclusive Also contains the most dreamy jewel tones.

fall socks

Low heel shoe: The last thing you need to deal with after a day of lecturing, commuting, and raising kids is compressed feet. So, keep the feeling on your toes Low Heel Socks (They come too warm brown).

Black nylon carry

solid load: Law school requires walking from class to class with heavy books. to save yourself from home alone situationInvest in a sturdy bag. These bags are nylon You have a cult for a reason: They’re stylish, sturdy, and have enough room for a laptop, books, and snacks.

ideas? What will you wear on your first day of law school? Or when you go back to the office?

note The pants we wear to work And the Criminal defense attorney week of clothes.

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