Leverage social media to grow your career in 2023

Employees are ready to change jobs, with nearly half of American workers planning to look for a new job in the next six months. according to new Robert Half The report, which included 2,500 professionals, about 46% of them said they plan to file Professional life Or change jobs in the first half of the year.

Job hopping has become a workplace trend among young professionals working in the post-pandemic labor market. newly Gallup The study found that 60% of millennials surveyed – those between the ages of 27 and 40 – are more likely to be looking for different opportunities this year. The percentage of working non-millennials looking to change jobs is approximately 15% lower.

The majority of Generation Z candidates also claimed that they are likely to change jobs this year. in 2022 great crane resignation According to the report, about 65% of Gen Z professionals said they were likely to leave their jobs by the end of the year. Moreover, 13% of them are twice as likely to quit their jobs in the next month.

Job hopping has become almost synonymous in the post-COVID era manpowerAnd younger professionals are fueling this trend by leaving unfulfilled roles and moving to greener pastures.

However, with many professionals changing jobs, or looking to change careers, even against the backdrop of a looming recession, many have orient themselves towards social media as a way to build a professional brand and market themselves to potential employers.

Using social media for career growth

It can be difficult to juggle maintaining social media professionals. in 2020 Harris Poll SurveyNearly 70% of employers said that every company should screen candidates’ social media throughout the hiring process. In addition, the majority of employers – 78% – believe that all their current employees should adhere to an appropriate work profile on social media.

Employees should care about what they share and post on social media. Although the debate about whether it is ethical to screen social media during the recruitment process continues, candidates willing to take advantage of social media to develop or advance their career will need to put in place a social media strategy that can help them obtain the job they want.

Much of our digital identity is linked to our social media accounts, and much of what we share, as well as the people we interact with through these channels, can speak to a great deal about the types of people we are outside of the workplace.

Aside from employees using these platforms to grow their network, or to research potential job opportunities, employers and recruiters use them to look for any potential red or green flags that you might bring into the workplace.

Social media has moved beyond its traditional form and today is a digital ecosystem that helps connect like-minded professionals and potential employers.

How to use social media to promote career opportunities

Finding a job is more than browsing job sites and job listings on LinkedIn or Google. Internet and Social media is a vast placeWith endless possibilities, when it comes to growing your career through social media, you will need to know a few things first.

Have a social strategy

It may seem strange at first, but having a social media strategy will help you connect with the right people faster. Your social media strategy should include building an online identity that reflects your professional and personal side.

You can use different platforms for different connections or networks, it’s all about how you present yourself through your brand. Think about what kind of content you share regularly, does it reflect your identity as a professional? How often do you post or respond to comments and messages? Are there any areas where you could improve or update the information to help you grow your network of contacts?

Write down a few questions to get you started, and start working on building an online identity that will be noticed by like-minded individuals in the same field.

Network with industry professionals

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to reach a company or recruiter through social media, and the same goes for networking with professionals working in the same industry.

Instead of using social media to just share insightful content, or engage with your friends, try growing your professional network. Moreover, it is important to communicate with these people as well, even if it is just a matter of exchanging a few words now and then.

Be active in your mission to get to know the people out there, and spend some time researching their profiles to better understand what kind of skills and qualifications these people might have. Networking is one of the best possible ways to navigate your industry without much effort.

Develop your skills

Looking at other people’s social media profiles, be it Twitter, Indeed.com, or even Instagram, will give a better idea of ​​what kind of skills you might need to develop to help grow and make the next big career leap.

Professionals often share their skills, and what they’re experts at at the top of their social media accounts, that way it’s easier for recruiters to see who the person is, and for like-minded professionals to interact with them.

If you compare the skills of several professionals already working in the field you’re interested in, you’ll get a better idea of ​​where you might need to hone your skills by completing a few courses or doing a little bit of reading.

When we say advertising, we don’t necessarily mean flashy, colorful digital ads that you hope will catch the eye of a potential employer.

Instead, try to convey your expertise through the type of content you can share such as blog posts, news articles, industry research, or even projects you have worked on. In addition, you can also share your job title and relevant experience in the resume section of your profile.

The better you are at showing people your expertise in a professional but unassuming way, the faster your feed will fill up with similar content and other experienced individuals.

Update your profiles

This is relevant for almost every social media profile you have, regardless of what you use it for. People often ignore social media platforms that they don’t use anymore, and even though it can be boring to spend a lot of time updating photos or replying to messages, Decide on two platforms You want to use it and stick to it.

Ensure that the platforms you end up with have a recent photo, and that all other relevant personal information such as your job title, industry experience, and your current city are up to date. You don’t need to do this every week, only when needed, or when you change jobs or move.

The better you nurture your social media, the easier it will be for employers and recruiters to notice you when you’re actively networking.

last words

Social media can be a professional tool, although it has received a lot of negative influence in recent years. Although it is difficult to determine whether potential employers or recruits You’ll be checking your social media accounts before or during the hiring process, it’s a good idea to always maintain a well-crafted online identity – especially if you’re looking to make progress in your career.

Make informed decisions and think about the type of content you share. Remember to engage with like-minded professionals, and have online conversations through the information you share with your followers.

The better you are at organizing one or two social media platforms for professional purposes, the faster you will be able to expand your network and grow your professional skills. Don’t overthink it, try to have a balance as much as possible, as this will help you enjoy your social media experience while maintaining a professional and fun digital identity.

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