Library Dining Room – A Beautiful Mess

I saw a library dining room on Pinterest, and the rest was history! I was so obsessed with it until I was able to build my own. After living in this house for a few months, I started dreaming about the built-in fixtures.

When we first moved in, our house was beige-free and sanitized (see Before pictures here). Adding the built-in items made a huge positive difference to the feel of our rooms, as well as how we use our home on a daily basis!

The best compliment we get on our remodel is that it looks like it was built that way. I like that we put it back in time by imitating historic homes rather than hitting on newer trends. Extras add instant convenience!

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When I decided how to decorate our dining room, I was torn between built-in bookshelves and wallpaper. Both have the potential to add a lot of character to a room. I chose the included items because I love collecting books, and knew they could be designed in endless ways.

Here is a link to my dress. It comes in a lot of colors. I recommend going down one size.

The light fixture is one of my favorite details in the room. called Soraya Mimi Tulip Drop, It was gifted to me from stray dog ​​designs. It is a real work of art, because it is hand carved.

Room sources: table and chairs / Article – Commoditychandelier / stray dog ​​designssconce lights / EtsyTable cloth / Amazonrug / Apple and Oak Nashville.

Jade pottery is DIY (I made and painted glass and ceramic vases).

When it comes to filling shelves, I wrote a post about it My used book collection. Most of the books that fill these shelves are books you bought used.

I am very proud of my scary book collection. Whatever type of books you like, a house full of books is my favorite type of home.

Let’s talk about the stove for a moment. I had a focus on adding as many stoves as possible to our home (we started with one and ended with three).

We added this non-functional fireplace (also called a “candle fireplace”) to the dining room. I love that you can add some glow and shine to a space.

I found an antique mantle at the flea market and used it as a base for this stove. I had to get more edges and design them around. I love the way it makes the whole room feel more antique.

Thank you very much for your reading. If you’re interested in more room tours and home content, here are some of my personal favorites from this house:

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