LimeWire Merges Cardano, XRP As KuCoin Prepares For Airdrop


  • KuCoin LimeWire (LMWR) added to Burnt drop.
  • LMWR’s public sale has raised $17.5 million and is about to close.
  • LimeWire has added XRP, ADA, and DOGE for payments.

Legendary file-sharing service LimeWire recently released native token to its ecosystem. Known in the early days of the Internet for P2P file-sharing, LimeWire became a social hub once it was revived by brothers Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, who… LimeWire revived to a second life in Web3.

Indeed, the public Limewire Token (LMWR) The sale involved a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who voted in Twitter polls for their preferred cryptocurrency in the public sale of the $LMWR token. As the public sale counts down the final minutes, the original token sale of the already activated file-sharing client raised $17,459,825 million.

KuCoin jumps on the LMWR Hype with an upcoming Airdrop

While cryptocurrency traders grab bags of $LMWR and share screenshots Twitter encryptionUsers of KuCoin, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange, are waiting for fun. Recently, KuCoin Make an announcement About the upcoming $LMWR airdrop, which also serves as a burn initiator.

KuCoin Lime Wire (LMWR) In the Burnt drop At 10:00:00 on May 11, 2023 (UTC). During the activity, cryptocurrency investors can stake in Tether (USDT), KuCoin’s native $KCS, or Ethereum (ETH) to be eligible for $tiered LMWR. Air drop. Besides, investors can participate in the burning accelerator portion and burn POL tokens to mint more LMWR airdrops in dollars.

Ultimately, this LMWR airdrop will allocate $500,000 in LMWR tokens to eligible users of KuCoin.

on the flip side

  • LimeWire founder Mark Gorton has previously stated that he is “unhappy” with the company’s original image and name used on Facebook NFT the shop.
  • LMWR’s USD public sale caused a massive backlash on Twitter, with many investors calling the sale “very greedy” and Ask the executives LimeWire for a refund.

Why should you bother

Legacy brands like LimeWire moving to Web3 can significantly accelerate encryption adoption.

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