List of MTL, POWR, AERGO, and DIA Weekly Transactions by CoinEdition


MTL, POWR, AERGO and DIA weekly transaction list
  • MTL, POWR, AERGO and DIA each recorded more than $10 million in weekly transactions.
  • The effect of the capital injection was not reflected in the prices of MTL and POWR.
  • The prices of AERGO and DIA have shown signs of having an impact from the capital injection recently.

A few medium and low-cap cryptocurrencies recorded significant bullish price movements last week. According to the market intelligence platform with social and on-chain metrics, Santiment, investors should pay close attention to the market whenever such moves occur.

This past week the altcoin market has seen some whale activity, with MTL, POWR, AERGO and DIA among the biggest drivers. Data from Santiment shows that, on average, each of these altcoins has recorded transactions worth more than $10 million. This indicates that altcoin whales may be very interested in it.

Metal (MTL) topped the chart with the highest transactions among the listed altcoins. It recorded a movement of $37,892,848 during the week under consideration. From Santiment’s analysis, this step represents the injection of capital that can be realized in the value of the MTL. As of this writing, users have not noticed the impact of the capital injection on the MTL price, which has been in a narrow range all week. MTL is selling for $1,029 at the time of writing.

The price of POWR did not change much during the week, although a transaction volume of $30,735,157 was recorded. The price rebounded from the local low at $0.1532 but slowly traded to the upside. With a slight bullish trend, POWR was selling at $0.1641 as of writing, trying to break the short-term trend line around the current price level.

Among the group, AERGO recorded a rise resulting from capital injection. The price rose significantly after it rebounded from the local low at $0.1066 at the beginning of the week. It finished higher at $0.1400 before reversing. AERGO is trading at $0.1172 at the time of writing.

DIA posted a similar high to AERGO during the week under consideration. With an injection of more than $18 million in capital, the price rose to $0.32643 after rebounding from the local low of $0.27046 at the beginning of the week. DIA price at the time of writing is at $0.29976 after correcting the recent rally.

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