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Orchard Park, New York – The Tennessee Titans (0-1) trying to score their first win of the season against buffalo bills (1-0) Monday Night Football at Haymark Stadium (6:15 PM EST).

The titans They hope to push beyond the first week’s collapse against the Giants, who shut it out in the first inning but came back to win after Tennessee broke up in all three stages.

The Bills come from a strong opener, as they beat the defending Super Bowl Los Angeles Rams On the road.

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Titans and Bills have a lot of familiarity with each other. They will face off for the fifth year in a row, including the third year in a row in primetime and the second in a row on Monday night. Tennessee has won the last two games, as last season’s Week 6 movie reached a position on the goal line.

Tennessee Titans Score vs. Buffalo Bills: Live Updates on Monday Night Football

Third quarter

15:00 left: The Titans get the ball to start the second half, and it’s a motive they must score to cut that deficit. Only 15 total yards in the first half after a 75-yard touchdown drive to start the game.

First half stats

Second Quarter

half time: The first half ends with a Greg Russo bag from Ryan Tanehill.

Bills 17, Titans 7.

58 seconds left: Treylon Burks begins the Titans’ last campaign in the first half with the first 12-yard touchdown.

Dean Jackson down the play. Difficult viewing on replay. Friendly fire as Jackson’s head bowed Tremaine Edmonds Fly to hit Burks. Here comes the cart.

scary injuryDanny Jackson from Buffalo Bills takes a scary hit in the head; Ambulance drives him off the field for the Tennessee Titans

1:00 left: re not nice Caleb Farley On Landing Hunting by Diggs. In what appears to be man cover, Farley stares at Josh Allen on one side of the end zone, while Diggs grabs the finish point on the other side of the end zone.

Josh Allen’s fourth pass from TD to Stefon Diggs puts the Bills up by two points before halftime

1:10 left: The bills have 4 and 1 post. Jeffrey Simmons He jumps late in the playing hour on a tough account, but the bills have called a timeout. interesting.

The Bills do it after the timeout, and Josh Allen throws it from one hash to the next to open Stefon Diggs wide in the end zone. Landing bills. Good extra point.

Bills 17, Titans 7.

left 1:54: Amani Hooker Almost intercepted Josh Allen in the end zone. Closed. But there is no review.

Two-minute warning: Stefon Diggs’ sixth catch is on the Titans’ 4 receiver screen.

2:55 left: Stefon Diggs for 16 yards over center. Josh Allen finds open receivers everywhere.

3:45 left: Jake Comero for 40 yards on the left side line against Caleb Farley. Driving bills.

4:48 left: Teair Tart TFL.

Left 6:36: Von Miller TFL on Derek Henry toss left. Geoff Swaim vs.Von Miller is not the ban match you want.

Ryan Tanehill peeks into third, and the Titans will do the chase.

Left 7:25: Josh Allen jumps short to an open throw for Jake Comero on Days 3 and 1.

He extended the hand of Bills’ attacking streak and touched Naiquan Jones as he retracted on the hard count, but he wasn’t in the neutral zone. False start, bills. Here comes the field goal.

Tyler Bass is good from 49 yards. Bills 10, Titans 7.

However, the Bills’ short-lived struggles at 3 and 4 down continue to pit them against the Titans. Credited with defending Tennessee.

8:33 left: David Long called for the illegal contact. The Titans second penalty leads to getting billed first in this engine.

9:40 left: Josh Allen finds Isaiah Mackenzie 28 yards over center. Billing back in the Titans area.

10:56 left: A Ben Jones face mask stops the Titans campaign, and here comes Ryan Stonehouse near the midfield.

12:05 left: Ben Jones called for a Robert Woods screen face mask penalty which would have been a 15-yard gain. not good.

left 13:26: 3 and 15 are no problem for Treylon Burks, who uses hurdles after catching a ball on a crossing road to turn the former into the Bills area. The Bills defense is still struggling to stop the Titans’ attack.

15:00 left: Tremaine Edmonds ousts Ryan Tanehill in a free attack.

First Quarter

32 seconds left: Ryan Tanehill sneaks in for the first time. Titans Run actually looks a lot better tonight.

1:18 left: The bills fluctuate as they fall after Kevin Biard peeked at the option to read Josh Allen for fourth. These types of giant stops have helped win this type of game in the past. The Titans get the ball in 30 on their own.

Left 3:17: Stefon Diggs can’t get two feet on a third back shoulder throw, but Tre Avery has been flagged as entering the pass. This is not the match you want for the Titans.

4:52 left: Stefon Diggs for 15. He’s found plenty of space outside so far.

Derek Henry shuts down the Titans’s first great engine with a TD run in fourth

5:23 left: Falling Titans! Derek Henry scores in a two-yard race. I’m not entirely sure why Buffalo got a four-man downhill in fourth and shorted to Derek Henry, but alas.

Titans 7, Bills 7.

5:43 left: Nick Westbrook-Ikhine with a third catch down a short distance from the line to earn. IV and 1 in bills 2.

But wait. Sean McDermott will challenge the catch by the NWI.

Judgment in the field is in place. Well-Drag Toe by Westbrook-Ikhine. The Titans will go for it in the fourth down.

6:44 left: Austin Hopper, hello. His 18-yard catch moves the Titans inside the Bills ’15. Next play: Jordan Boyer nearly intercepted Ryan Tanehill.

7:54 left: Treylon Burks has two catches, including 14 yards into the Titans’ first game of melee.

Greg Russo called for passers-by to be subjected to a blow too late on Taneyhill, and the Titans were driving.

Taylor Lewan left the match after Burks’ first injury, being helped very slowly with lower body injury. Dennis Daly at left intervention.

Bills, Josh Allen with the dominant landing engine to unlock the game

9:07 left: Linebacker Reggie Gilliam breaks down an attempt to tackle Zach Cunningham on a fast screen and makes his way to the end zone for the touchdown. Mike Frapel was not happy. Good extra point. This looked like the fourth quarter of a Giants game all over again, but with a better attack on the other side of the ball. Bills 7, Titans 0.

9:48 left: Dawson Knox is wide open across the middle to get the bills first down inside the Titans 15.

10:32 left: Josh Allen finds open receivers. The bills lead.

12:26 left: Josh Allen dashes away from Bud Dupree and Jeffery Simmons, jumping over Roger McCreary for the first time. Fabulous.

12:47 left: Mitch Morse, Bills center, dropped to one knee after playing. He walks under his authority.

14:09 left: Devin Singletary runs for 16 yards on his first campaign against the Titans’ 8-man box.

15:00 left: The Giants win by tossing the coin and are postponed to the second half. You will receive invoices. Josh Allen first.

Trenton Cannon was injured in the opening match, causing a rebound, and fell for several moments. The medical staff assists him on the sidelines.

before the match

It’s going to be a windy spot in Orchard Park for the Titans and Buffalo Bills for Monday Night Football.

Inactive couple notes: Christian Fulton and Dontrell Hilliard, as Mike Frabel noted on Saturday, will miss Monday’s game. Kyle Philips is active and will play, as is the recently activated receiver from Josh Gordon’s coaching squad. Both billing recipients Gabi Davis and linebacker Ed Oliver were both knocked out.

The kick-off is set at 6:15 pm Cairo time. We will have all the game updates here.

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