Loom adds new features that will be useful for teachers and students

looming she is one from Tools that I recommend regularly When asked to recommend a video tool for creating educational videos. This week, Loom announced two new features that could be very useful for teachers and students.

The first new feature to note is the Floating speaker notes tool In the Loom desktop app for Windows and Mac. Speaker Notes are basically sticky notes that you can use to write a script or just some talking points to use to keep you on track while you’re recording a video with Loom. You can move notes while recording. The best part is that while you can see the speaker notes while recording, the notes are not visible on the final recording you save.

The second new feature of note in Loom is an option Create and set default settings for all the videos you record. You can set default settings for both what appears in your videos and what viewers can do with your videos (reactions, downloads, replies).

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When I lead a workshop or webinar on video projects in the classroom, I always recommend that students create a script or at least a list of talking points before recording. Doing so helps students focus on the main points of their videos and gives them something to refer to as they record. Loom’s new floating sticky notes can be very helpful to students while they are recording so they can stay on track while recording.

Setting video defaults can be a time-saver for educators who create a lot of educational videos.

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