Love Is Blind is Netflix’s love letter to singles


Like the desperation haircut you get while your stylist is on vacation, Netflix Season 3 love is blind It will make you whisper over and over: That’s not what I’m asking.

love is blind It premiered in 2020 and was initially described as a three-week Netflix event and romantic social experiment that tests whether or not humans can fall in love with each other. “Experiment,” with its vague and exacting scientific connotations, turns out to be a generous description.

As the seasons went on, it became very clear that this process wasn’t scientific—or supervised.

Here’s how love is blind It went from a social fantasy story to a reality TV nightmare in just three seasons.

love is blind It’s supposed to be about finding love…blindly

The gist of the show is that no one would buy a car or rent an apartment without seeing her in person, let alone marrying someone they’ve never seen. However, the producers of Netflix found a group of people who said they would, in fact, marry someone they had never seen before. Generously lit, these guinea pigs were put on television.

Over the course of 10 days or so, these romantics would enter “pods,” cozy little rooms with a couch and common wall, talk to their potential spouses, and film their interactions. The show calls those conversations “dates,” and multiple dates qualify as a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario (the couples in all three seasons are heterosexual). If those dates catch on, these strangers become “exes” — but if they make it, the end goal is to get engaged after just four weeks.

love is blind He likes to call things by other names, creating (or at least trying to create) a surreal reality where traditional customs and definitions are suspended.

The first season resulted in a married couple – Cam and Lauren (sweet and very lovable) and Barnett and Amber (less lovable, but good for them) – who are still married to this day. The pairing of Cam and Lauren was the show’s best-case scenario for “experiment”. they Both very beautiful, has regular jobs (he’s a scientist, a social media content creator), and has friends and family to support. If these outwardly ordinary yet very hot people could truly fall in love under such wild circumstances, then this hilarious show couldn’t be farther away.

However, the biggest star was Jessica, a woman who got engaged to a guy named Mark in the pods but was actually more into Barnett.

Jessica, the breakout star love is blind The first season. She fed her dog wine.
Courtesy of Netflix

Jessica tried to woo Barnett after the podcast, which made things awkward for the rest of the cast, including her fiancée. Jessica also grieved, drank, and fed her dog wine. Shortly after that, fans and Cast members alike He gives her the nickname “Messica”, a swatch to help triangulate her chaotic energy.

The producers seem to have noticed this and used what they learned from Jessica to manipulate their experience. I expected that the more seasons the show would go on, the more pessimistic it would become. And look, you were right.

The the second season It featured more face-to-face time with people who weren’t paired up in the pods, including Shaina, a hairstylist who seemed intent on sabotaging engaged couple Natalie and Shane because she was attracted to the latter. Season 2 also featured Jarrett and Mallory, who had feelings for each other despite being associated with other people. Jarrett and his partner Ianna were one of the couples to marry on the show, but they both eventually dissolved.

The producers also found Shake, a man who, according to their description, was laser-focused on marrying a woman young enough to carry on his shoulders during a music festival. Nothing mattered to him more than this quality, and he was very rude to his partner Dipty because she was too old for him to lift, like, Coachella. Shake was 33 years old at the time of filming.

Couples failed, but the show thrived.

The producers added a follow-up, three-episode segment, Love is Blind: After the Altar in September 2022. The sequel caught up with the Season 2 cast to see if any romance has broken out since the initial shoot. However, the show aired after the couples announced their separation and divorce in real life, turning the viewing experience into an anatomy relationship of sorts.

The love is blind cast season two. Nobody in this cast (except hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey) are still together.
Adam Rose / Courtesy of Netflix

Which brings us to this crazy third season, a show that hardly resembles its original self, but one that I appreciate for various reasons.

Are there thoughtful couples based on mutual respect? not exactly. Are there potential spouses who would dig deep to share their true selves without the burden of physical appearance? Not much.

But there are more face-to-face moments between contestants and more forced interactions between couples and directors that don’t work out. This led to a sharp increase in men telling their partners that other women are hotter than they are. Instead of a quest to find love, the show has become a will-it-or-they-will-they-dodge bullet.

And I can’t stop watching. Because have you ever wanted to see someone swing so badly that you tuned them out week after week? If not, I encourage you to give it a try.

love is blind Season three is less about love and more about red flags

“Fly! In! His! Bathroom! Fly in his toilet!”

I was home alone when she yelled this. I didn’t do this so that anyone would hear, but to reassure myself that I wasn’t having hallucinations or having a stroke. This disgusting image appears in the seventh episode. Four flies huddle together in Cole’s toilet bowl, presumably eating dirt that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.

This image contains sensitive or violent content

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Those are the flies in Cole’s toilet.

Cole, 27, is one of the male contestants on this episode and became the show’s featured villain. He was attracted to two women in the horns, Cullen and Zaneb, but chose Zaneab, he says, because of the emotional attachment they had forged. It didn’t stop him from telling Colin, upon seeing her, that he was very much attracted to her – much more than he was to Snape. At one point, Snap tells of his attraction to Colin in the same way he expressed it to Colin. To no one’s shock, things don’t go well.

Cole and Snap’s other conflicts include not wanting to leave his wet towels on the floors, tables, and beds. Cole says her dislike of the wet towels strewn around their living areas and her direct request for him to pick them up is her passive aggressive behavior. On multiple occasions, Cole has also told Zanapp that she’s not the type of girl he (Colin) usually dates and that Cole’s parents have no intention of meeting her either. At one point, he asked her if she was bipolar, not as a real question about her mental health but as an insult. Also, flies in the toilet!

If it weren’t for what appears to be a contractual obligation for each contestant to drape their potential spouse solely at the altar in marital attire, these two wouldn’t be together. And that’s exactly the point.

what makes love is blind So convincing is that it amplifies the awful aspects of dating—the desperation, the miscommunication, the anxiety, the arguments—to such an uncomfortable and bulky degree that regular, real-life dating feels like a relief.

This is Colin. She makes the sad face that so many women wear love is blind Manufacture.
Courtesy of Netflix

As bad as things get in the real world, it’s unlikely that anyone will tell you that you’re psychotic and passive-aggressive because you want someone to hang up in the towel. As bad as we treat people, we probably never – as Barthez, another male contestant puts it to his partner Nancy – tell them they’re not “smoke”, and we never – as Barthez also does to Nancy – yell to our family about how our partners don’t get along In the same political views with the hope that family members will bully our partners into changing their minds.

These dysfunctional relationships exist to reassure the audience at home that we will be smart enough to remove ourselves from these relationships. Of course, we would be perceptive enough to register this kind of toxicity if it entered our lives…right?

What sets this season apart, though, is how much has been spent waiting for Cole (and to a lesser extent, Bartis) to face some sort of punishment. The show’s dramatic tension hinges on the hope that these men are facing something worse than being dumped. Maybe I’m a vengeful spinster, but doesn’t every ex have one like that?

Perhaps, after the thirtieth time she tells him to pick up his wet pad and take off his dirty underwear and hints for the twenty-ninth time that she’s a crazy shrew, Zanapp will finally let Cole go. Maybe someone will step in — perhaps our hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey — and tell Cole he’s an overgrown child and that Zanab needs to love herself. But this never happened. Like a nature documentary that you can’t show to young children because a lion takes a chomp on a zebra and a zebra roams around with its guts, love is blind Keeps the camera rolling.

The closest thing the show has ever given us to some kind of justice was a reunion, with Snap and the female contestants saying Cole was very immature and not fun to date. At one point, they mention that the editors were very nice to Cole and didn’t show some of his obnoxious behavior – mainly his obesity-shaming zappers. After telling Zannab that she is “crazy” and “crazy”, the task force members urge Cole not to use capable language, to which he replies that, well, Zanab is a liar.

Just when I had made up my mind and thought I could let this season go away, though, the bad producers of this horror show included a post-credits scene that seemed designed to wreak more havoc on my already corroded brain.

Throughout the reunion, the tale about Cuties, sweet, easy-to-peel mandarin oranges, kept coming. Zaneb said she wanted to eat two, but Cole let her be shamed for not eating them. This scene is not shown. The producers then included the footage as a post-credits scene, and it does show Cole telling her not to spoil her “appetite”. The interaction doesn’t look as awful as Zainab has portrayed it, and the damage has been done: I don’t fully believe Zainab anymore, either.

Cole and Zab. Honestly, they probably deserve each other.
Sarah Male / Courtesy of Netflix

For the first time this season, it wasn’t clear who was wrong, who was right, and what was the truth in a relationship that seemed so simple, obvious, and awesome. Having long proven that love isn’t, in fact, blind, revelations this season that relationships — even short and made-for-television ones — aren’t arranged have made the surreal show as real as ever.

She was left to choose between the man who had flies in his toilet or the woman who loved the man with flies in his toilet. A man who likely shamed and a woman who probably exaggerated the psychological violence of this Cuties interaction. It’s not an enticing option but it does confirm one thing: being single is also a good thing. Well, until next season, of course.


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