Low inflation-adjusted income for American engineers

how much is it Technical expert in the United States earns? In 2021, the average income of American engineers and other technology professionals was IEEE Members totaled $160,097, up from $154,443 in 2020. This pay rise was revealed in the IEEE-USA 2022 Salary and Benefits Survey.

This apparent increase turns out to be approximately $3,500, however, when converted into real dollars [See chart, below.] It’s the first significant decline in the average tech salary in terms of purchasing power that the IEEE-USA has recorded since 2013.

These numbers—and another 65 pages of detailed salary and job satisfaction statistics for 2021—give readers of Salary and Benefits Survey Good sense of America’s tech employment scene. The analysis is based on 3,057 answers from professionals working full-time in their areas of technical competence; They reported their income, excluding overtime pay, bonuses, profit sharing, and side activities. (When you consider that, the median 2021 income for tech professionals was $167,988, according to the report.)

Bad news for women in engineering

The 2022 IEEE-USA Salary and Benefits Survey tells bad news for women in engineering, as their incomes fell further than men’s in 2021. The gender pay gap increased by $5,900 (not adjusted for inflation) to $33,900. The gap is difficult to measure, given that men who responded to the survey have more years of experience, as a group, than women, and more women entering the engineering workforce could skew the average salary downward. However, the proportion of female engineers in the workforce has remained flat (on a plateau at less than 10 percent, where it has been for the past 10 years), the survey report noted.

Racial gaps in engineering salaries narrow

The salary gap between Caucasian and African American engineers decreased by $11,000 to $13,000 in 2021, while the disparity between the income of Caucasian and Hispanic engineers decreased by about $6,000 to $12,278.

Hot Solid State Circuit Engineering

2021 was a good time to work as an engineer in solid state circuits; Salaries in this technical field continued to rise sharply and ranked first in the salary list by specialty. The last year at number one on this chart, consumer electronics, has seen a drop in the average salary. Engineers working with circuits and other devices, machine learning, image and video processing, and engineering in medicine and biology have recorded significant gains.

Low engineering job satisfaction

Overall job satisfaction for engineers surveyed by the IEEE-USA declined in 2021, with the largest dropouts related to compensation and advancement opportunities. However, satisfaction with the technical challenge of engineering jobs was significantly high.

Pacific Coast Engineering Salaries Jump Forward

The average salary of engineers in the Pacific region has increased significantly compared to the rest of the world
The United States, climbing faster than hypothetically booming regions, such as the south-central west, which includes Texas. These figures have not been adjusted for regional costs of living, however.

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