Many of you own a Chromecast with Google TV

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This got us thinking about how many people already own a Chromecast along with their Google TV. So we asked this question in our news article last week and this is what you told us.

Do you own a Chromecast with your Google TV?


Over 1,900 votes were cast in this poll, and it turns out we have a runaway winner here. More than three-quarters of respondents said they already own a Chromecast with Google TV.

We’re not sure if this popularity is in line with the general population, but we can see why people would buy this device. Chromecast with Google TV starts at just $30, or $50 for the 4K model, making it one of the cheapest streaming tools from a major brand.

Otherwise, 13.44% of readers surveyed said they don’t have a Chromecast with Google TV but they do. old Chromecast instead of him. This makes sense, since older models have been the go-to recommendation for many years if you simply want to cast content from your phone to your TV.

Meanwhile, 6.4% of respondents said they had a different streaming device (eg Fire TVAnd Nvidia Shield TVor Camel), while 3.83% of voters said they used their smart TV instead.


  • Esclar: I’d love to see a higher-spec CCwGTV to compete with the Nvidia Shield myself. But the 4K CCwGTV upscaling with a better SoC and more RAM/Storage is also good.
  • ashen: I would appreciate it if these awesome Google TV devices had a “dummy Chromecast” mode. I don’t want Google TV features.
  • Marty: For the love of God, please make a unit with a better CPU. It’s the slowest device I own. The Walmart Onn Android TV box is much smoother. What does Google give?

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