Marcus Rashford celebrates a new goal

Marcus RashfordThe player’s potential was never in doubt, but during the 2021/22 season it was abundantly clear that something wasn’t quite right.

After two great seasons on the trot, he was Manchester United The striker was a broken, lifeless, listless version of his former self as he scored just four goals in the Premier League. But all of that seems like a distant memory now.

The Englishman is back in the fight and is in flaming form this term, having well passed the ten-goal mark already. He hasn’t been able to stop scoring since the World Cup concluded, scoring eight times in the Red Devils’ first eight matches from Qatar.

And it looks as if the United menace man has yet another celebration to show his new spark.

The new celebration appears to have stemmed from Rashford’s final goal in 2022, when he scored a late equalizer in a 1-0 United victory. Premier League Victory over the wolves on New Year’s Eve.

Seeing the ball rocketing into the back of the net nowadays, Rashford’s first instinct seems to be to move away now before he springs from his body and stands still with a finger pointing at his temple.

but why?

Well, it’s been suggested that the celebration could be a hint at his past mental health struggles.

Earlier in the campaign, the 25-year-old spoke candidly about his dip in form during the 2021/22 campaign and how he was struggling off the pitch.

“It’s a completely different energy around the club and the training ground,” Rashford said after scoring the only goal as United beat West Ham 1-0 in October. “It puts me in a better void and I feel really excited now. This is the area where I have been struggling.

“I struggled sometimes with more mental stuff. It wasn’t really my personal performance but other things off the field. That’s the biggest difference from last season.

“I understand your job is to talk about what’s happening on the pitch but for the players we have to get into the right space for every game. A lot of times last season, I wasn’t in the right area for matches. I wasn’t surprised at some of the things that were going on.”

Erik ten Hag has clearly changed things at Old Trafford since his arrival and Rashford’s rise in happiness and performance is significant evidence.

So, it has been suggested that the striker’s new celebration could be indicative of his battle with those emotions lately and the fact that he has now found a better space.

Whatever that means, it’s great to see Rashford smiling and firing on all cylinders again; And the celebration will not last long!

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