Market Fight Club rings the bell on the first two NFT pools

NFT is a fantasy sports game that wins Market Fight Club Launched two sets of NFT As the game enters its final development stage. These initial kits feature characters like the MFC Hamster and MFC Bull that will be part of the game’s upcoming release, with NFT holders able to strategically use the characters in an MFC game when it launches later this year. NFTs are highly valued within the MFC community, but there is good news for those who missed out on the initial minting round, as the rollout of the MFC world will see the MFC Marketplace where users can buy, trade, and build their collection of these exciting gaming assets.

Prizes and upgrades in the Raiders show!

Once users mint their NFTs, they will get full access to the entire MFC ecosystem, which promises amazing adventure, wealth and glory to brave participants! There they will be able to take part in colorful battles in incredible augmented reality, fighting for unique prizes and NFT upgrades for their characters. Generous rewards are also available for the winning fighters and those who achieve other goals in the MFC Arena.

with MFCUsers will experience a player-owned economy where they have full ownership of their digital assets, similar to using physical trading cards and collectibles. MFC offers four exclusive NFT pools, the first two of which are now available, with each pool consisting of 10,000 assets. Each collectible is unique, with different characteristics and attributes that will aid in battle in different ways, which in turn affects its value.

Each NFT collection can be traded on MFC market Which, unlike other NFT trading platforms, is highly liquid, which translates to consistently high demand. At the same time, players can also exchange their collections on any of the other widely popular NFT markets, so there are practically no restrictions and limits.

Next generation virtual arena

When it comes to the MFC Arena, players have the option to customize their own unique avatar using upgrades purchased from the MFC Market. These upgrades can include anything from clothing to hairstyles, and players can add items such as hats or sunglasses to their avatars. To ensure that each player is uniquely represented, each player has a unique content ID generated by the NFT minting process. This allows players to explore the metaverse using devices such as VR headsets and controllers, and to engage in real-time conversations with other players.

the Market Fight Club Designed as an open-ended digital world, MFC NFT assets act as tickets that give access to all current and future experiences built on top of the platform. The MFC core team collaborates with the community to build functionality for game assets associated with the MFC brand, with the primary goal of providing a fun and immersive gaming experience.

The game is set in the year 2023

The MFC beta is set to launch later this year, with all NFT owners getting access to the long-awaited game for the first time when it launches. Generous rewards are offered to those who participate and help the team perfect the game to unlock it in full. Head to the Market Fight Club website Learn how to get involved in the revolutionary NFT game and make the MFC NFT that works for you.

Due to its competitive, skill-based nature, the MFC battle system will be attractive to esports players and other competitive gamers. MFC believes that its popularity among experienced players will drive the game forward, especially when there is money at stake!

About the fight club market

Market Fight Club Owned by Singapore-based FOXNFT PTE, which was formed in March 2021. The project takes advantage of many aspects of the Web 3.0 revolution, including NFTs, the metaverse, and virtual reality to create a multi-faceted, multi-purpose ecosystem where players can earn money directly from their exploits.

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