MetaShooter will release the mobile game in December 2022

MetaShooter has revealed that it uses the Unity game engine to host its mobile game. Unity is undoubtedly one of the most popular game engines used in mobile games all over the world. Starting next month, players will get the mobile version in a different experience from its PC counterpart. The mobile version will be available on all major platforms, including iOS and Android.

The developers also revealed that they are actively working on a prototype, recycling bits of code and logic from the original Unreal Engine Five Engines MetaShooter and implement player controls are optimized for touch interfaces.

However, MetaShooter shared that it aims to differentiate experiences between mobile and PC experiences. It confirmed that it will ensure that the mobile version is not an abbreviated version of the original, providing a unique experience featuring exclusive content for the game.

In addition, developers have discussed using the latest version of Unity to implement the latest technologies for mobile devices. The title also aims to stay relevant by utilizing the latest advanced tools to provide better gaming experiences to players. The mobile game aims to take advantage of Unity’s URP Rendering System with Metal API support and the Real Time IK Animation System. This will provide improved frame rates and rendering on iOS devices.

Developers will work to integrate weapons, animations, and other elements into the game. They will also create training missions similar in experience to the PC version, but set in a different location.

MetaShooter, in its blog post, shared snippets of the mobile game. The game seems to follow the best practices of titles in the genre, with dedicated controls for movement, aiming, and reloading.

The game also includes a unique UI/UX, allowing players to crouch, roll, attack, jump, and even cross-hair change. From the looks of the shared excerpts, the final version of the mobile game could have amazing graphics. The game also uses detailed models, sharper visuals, and well-defined terrain for the mobile version.

The game’s NFTs have retained their details as well, despite being hosted on a less powerful game engine, according to the screenshots.

Hosting a game on mobile platforms is a big step for MetaShooter, and could help the game legitimize itself in the Web 3.0 arena.

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