Michigan Wolverines Football vs Illinois Fighting Illini

The last home game of the season came, which brings us a sobering reminder of just how fast the college football season is for us. Many of Michigan’s seniors will don the winged helmet for the last time at Michigan Stadium as the Illinois Wolverines take on.

With Ohio State closing in, the Wolverines don’t try to overlook the Illini leaving all their targets to play for.

Kickoff is set for ABC Noon.

Below, check out all the live updates, results, and highlights as the Wolverines take on the Illini.

Halftime: Michigan 7, Illinois 3

– 1:38, Q2: An injury to watch, Blake Corum goes down, holding his knee. He walked straight into the locker room. In less significant news, he fumbled the ball on the play and the Illini took over.

– 4:05h2: After a false start penalty ruined their chances of scoring on fourth and short, the Illini are on the board with a field goal. Michigan 7, Illinois 3

– 11:39 Q2: Wolverines get a turnover on the downs. Huge play by Mason Graham to stuff Chase Brown on fourth and short. The Illini appeared to lead the play, and the Wolverines countered.

End of the first quarter: Michigan 7, Illinois 0

– 3:55h1: After some circulating kicks, the first quarter melts away as we all expected with two opposing teams. Michigan is getting the ball rolling with a lot of things going right at the moment.

– 11:28h1: Surgical. Michigan’s first drive of the game pushed Illinois into the lead. Blake Corum finishes the drive with another touch. Michigan 7, Illinois 0

– 15:00 Q1: Michigan will start this game on offense first. Illinois wins the toss and is adjourned to the second half.

before the match

– The Wolverines will miss a handful of players today with Donovan Edwards, Trevor Keegan and AJ Henning all out with injuries.

Tight End Luke Schoonmaker is back in the lineup today after missing out last week.

The weather today is cold and windy. The perfect recipe for both programs who love football management.

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