Michigan Wolverines Play Eight Midfielders at Win Over UConn

Michigan seemed to play everyone but Tom Brady and Jim Harbaugh under center on Saturday.

The Wolverine He used eight different midfield players during the 59-0 run on UConn, with seven of them completing at least one pass.

Novice J.J. McCarthy completed 15 of 18 passes for 214 yards. Then starting in the second quarter, Michigan moved through the senior Cady McNamarasenior Alan Bowman (1-1, 20 yards, one-time touchdown), freshman Jayden Denegal (no attempts), senior Andy Maddox (1-1, four yards), freshman Brandon Mann (1-1, seven yards) ), freshman Alex Orji (1-1, five yards; 30 fast yards, one fast descent) and sophomore Davis Warren (1-2, five yards).

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