Microsoft is said to have offered Sony a 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

Hot potatoes: Microsoft desperately wants to close this multi-billion dollar deal with Activision Blizzard King (Activision for short). Not only has the acquisition passed the point where it was supposed to be completed, but it has also brought intense scrutiny from regulators who threaten to shut it down unless Microsoft divests a portion of its business. He’s pushed through several promises from Redmond execs, the latest being offering Sony a 10-year deal on Call of Duty.

Practically since Advertising Of Microsoft’s $69 billion deal to buy Activision, Sony owns protest For regulators against takeover. It’s consistently crafted its argument by using the company’s best-selling franchise, Call of Duty, to paint a picture where no one but Microsoft will see another CoD game if the deal goes through.

Microsoft has consistently denied that it would separate the hit game series within the Xbox’s walled garden. It continues to affirm its full intention to honor all agreements entered into prior to announcing the acquisition. However, Sony continues to press the issue, and regulators are stepping up investigations into the deal.

In a recent development, Microsoft said so progress Sony entered into an iron-clad 10-year contract earlier this month to continue releasing CoD games for the PlayStation. While Sony has not commented on the claim, Microsoft chief Brad Smith told The New York Times that it has a lot riding on the merger. If it fails, it will leave a big question mark as to whether companies can mutually benefit from acquisitions in the coming years.

Here is a quick list of the perks Microsoft would agree to if regulators allowed it to buy Activision:

  • Honor previous development agreements entered into by Activision
  • He offered to keep CoD on PlayStation for three years after those agreements
  • Remaining neutral in Activision and Blizzard’s union negotiations
  • Paying Activision $3 billion if the acquisition fails
  • Guarantee to continue producing CoD games on PlayStation for at least 10 years

“If this deal had been done four years ago, it wouldn’t have been any use,” said Smith. “If one cannot do something easy, we will all know that you cannot do something difficult.”

Microsoft needs to convince regulators in 16 countries that the acquisition is good for the consumer. So far, only Brazil and Saudi Arabia have given the green light. Serbia is also likely to give its approval soon. However, other states, in particular weAnd the United kingdomAnd the European UnionThey did nothing but increase their scrutiny of the deal.

Smith believes the Activision deal is essential to continued growth. Microsoft’s gaming division has become a huge part of the revenue stream, with Xbox making over $15 billion annually. The Redmond tech giant is so empowered on the pick-up that it promised Activision $3 billion even if the merger collapsed.

Microsoft’s official stance on how the deal will affect consumers is that it opens the door for more gamers to play games regardless of their preferred platform. Of course, this sheds light on the fact that it refers to cloud gaming with a Game Pass subscription, which is definitely in Microsoft’s best interest.

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