Microsoft Loop is the ultimate Team Collab tool


Illustration of the Microsoft Loop

Microsoft already has a comprehensive working group under it Microsoft 365. The best part of it, however, is that it is constantly updated with not only new features, but sometimes with new software as well. The newest member of the 365 family is here: Microsoft Loop.

Loop was actually announced over a year ago. You can think of it as Microsoft’s competitor to Notion, or Google Workspace Spaces – a versatile collaboration tool where you can track progress toward goals, working on “blocks” that you can then paste into programs like Word or Outlook. But while it’s already announced, you can’t actually use it yet. Now, it’s available as a public preview, allowing anyone who wants to check it out to do so.

Microsoft Loop is complete with all those cool new features that Microsoft has added to its 365 suite of programs, including copilot, which seamlessly harnesses the power of generative AI for your workflow. Loop can be a great tool for workplace collaboration – it aims to be, along with Teams, the centerpiece of your work experience.

If you want to check it out, you can Subscribe to public preview and get to work.

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