Microsoft unveils ChatGPT-powered Edge browser, and claims it will reshape the web

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  • Microsoft is holding a special press briefing about the ChatGPT-optimized Edge browser and the Bing search engine.
  • Its overhauled browser replaces some important aspects with AI tools.
  • The new version of Edge and Bing is now available to try.

The AI ​​wars continue to heat up as Microsoft unveils two new AI products just a day after Google unveiled its rival ChatGPT – cold. Microsoft believes that its new products can reshape the search and browsing experience on the web.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced a surprise AI event which will be held in person at the company’s headquarters in Redmond later in the day. During the special press conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a revamped version of the company’s Edge browser and Bing search engine.

The browser and search engine announced at the event are said to be enhanced by an upgraded version of ChatGPT’s AI technology. according to digital trendsMicrosoft has replaced certain aspects of the browser with AI tools to improve it for natural language questions. Microsoft is said to describe the integration as “your AI assistant for the web”.

The tech giant claims that about half of all searches are not resolved with traditional results, especially when the question is complex with multiple components. But the company believes Bing’s new “Prometheus model” — powered by OpenAI technology — can deliver the results users are looking for with relevant results and annotated answers.

It wasn’t all recent event either, as Microsoft Live showed Bing’s new feature in front of the audience. In one example, the company showed that Bing displays traditional search results for recipes with annotations and an AI chat interface on the side. The tool is said to be able to gather information from search results and group them together into a list.

The AI ​​chat interface can also help users dive deeper into questions. For example, if you are looking for the best headphones, you can take it a step further by specifically ordering the best noise canceling headphones.

As for the new Edge browser, Microsoft has redesigned it to look more in line with Windows 11. In addition to the new look, the Bing sidebar is available via the browser. This sidebar can write a summary, link documents, and compare data between multiple pages.

The latest surprise Microsoft had up its sleeve was the reveal that the new Edge browser and Bing are now available to try. If you want to check it out, just go to It’s a limited-time preview, however, and you’ll have to sign up to waitlist to get your chance.

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