Mike Dudas Calls 3AC Founder ‘Coward’ Amid Restraining Order Drama By CoinEdition


Mike Dudas calls 3AC founder “Coward” amid the restraining order drama
  • Mike Dudas called 3AC’s Su Zhu a coward amid a restraining order against Arthur Hayes.
  • Cho allegedly betrayed friends and investors to raid Three Arrows Capital under false pretenses.
  • Co-founder 3AC obtained a restraining order against Hayes, prohibiting threatening or insulting communication.

Block founder Mike Dudas called Three Arrows founder Su Zhu a “coward” on the news of his restraining order against Arthur Hayes, co-founder of the BitMEX trading platform.

According to Dudas, Cho allegedly betrayed his friends and the investors in his fund by raiding Three Arrows Capital’s remaining money under false pretenses.

Furthermore, Dudas asserted that Zhou’s actions led to his severing of contact with those whom he had supposedly deceived. He expresses deep disappointment to see Zhou attempt to play the victim, given the seriousness of his alleged actions.

Dudas also called out the now-defunct crypto hedge fund co-founder and Kyle Davis by adding,

If we’re really doing this petty stuff, should I get a restraining order against Su Zhu, Kyle Davies, and their “apprentice” for making a video of women assaulting me and posting it on Twitter while using the @OPNX_Official trademark?

According to a May 5 order obtained by CoinDesk, Su Zhu has obtained a restraining order against Arthur Hayes from a Singapore court. The order specifically prohibits Hayes from using any threatening, abusive, or insulting language or method of communication toward Zhu.

This came after the fund collapsed last year when the former BitMEX CEO took to Twitter to interact with Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, his former partners at 3AC. In the first place, he was seeking repayment of the $6 million he claims he is owed.

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