MLB Winter Meeting rumours: Carlos Rodon’s market rages on

SAN DIEGO – Carlos Rodon’s market could be the next proof of the inflation of free agency. Rodon is another version of last year’s Ruby Ray. Both were coming off the 29-year-old’s regular season seasons with nearly identical numbers in innings pitched (Ray had more, 191.1-178), ERA (Ray had a little less, 2.84 to 2.88), ERA+ (Edge to Ray, 157-140). ) and WHIP (Rodon by Smidgen, 1.03–1.04).

Ray won the AL Cy Young Award. Rodon finished sixth in NL Award voting. Both leftists have reinvented themselves through mechanical changes. Ray signed with Seattle for $115 million over five years. Rodón aims higher, and in this highly charged market and with Yankees And the Dodgers With interest, the question now is how high can the numbers go up? No free agent player has signed for six years or more since 2019. Rodón and Kodai Senga may get there.

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