Moises Kaisedou should be Chelsea’s next transfer target

Chelsea are currently in the process of reorganizing their recruitment division, with talks underway to find a sporting director capable of spearheading the Blues’ transfer deals for the coming years.

Paris Saint-Germain advisor Luis Campos has been spoken to and So did Christoph Freund of Red Bull SalzburgChelsea owner Todd Boehle is keen to hear a number of different points of view before deciding who to put his trust in in the next transfer window.

No matter who is appointed to this position, their first job should be to strike a deal Brighton Midfielder Moises Kaisedou.

Chelsea They have spent a lot of money on their attack and even more on their defence, and while the results on both ends of the field are still in the works, all that has been spent is highlighting the huge shortfall in midfield.

The problems in the middle of the park are nothing new for Chelsea, but they seem to be getting progressively worse as the core group of players continue to lose their battle with Father Time.

Jorginho, who will turn 31 in December, hasn’t been particularly immobile at the best of times, while 31-year-old N’Golo Kante has struggled after injury after injury for the past few years.

The Frenchman, who is Chelsea’s only midfielder, has been barely available over the past few seasons and is clearly nearing the end of his career. A replacement, if not a replacement, should have been obtained long before the panicked signing on deadline day of Dennis Zakaria on loan from Juventus.

It’s almost impossible to find a similarly similar replacement for Kante, but that doesn’t even matter. Chelsea need someone who can combine above-average defense, energy and goal in midfield, and Caicedo brings it all to the table.

The signing of the Ecuadorean international was intriguing last summer, but with former Brighton player Graham Potter now in the dugout at Stamford Bridge, the signing almost feels like a no-brainer.

Moises Caicedo, Graham Potter

Potter knows Caicedo well / GLYN KIRK / GettyImages

Under Potter’s leadership, Caicedo has emerged as one of the strongest midfield positions in the Premier League. Although not a traditional defensive midfielder, the 20-year-old has served as both an anchor and a midfielder, which leads to the kind of tactical versatility Potter demands of his players.

Chelsea haven’t had a player like this in years, Kante’s smile proved too big for his muscles, and for some reason, the idea of ​​permanently signing another player was not pursued.

The Blues passed away on Aurelien Chuamini in 2021, considering the Frenchman too inexperienced for such a move. Instead, Saul Niguez was signed on loan, suffered a disastrous campaign and returned to Atletico Madrid to share a city with Tchouameni, who sealed a €100m move to Real Madrid that already looks like a deal.

This summer, the focus has been on defense, to the point that Chelsea didn’t make a move for a midfielder until deadline day. Edson Alvarez of Ajax was a target before Zacharias eventually joined a Saul 2.0 loan transfer.

Chelsea can no longer ignore the gap in the midfield. Their current crop has all been going on for years, while both Kante and Jorginho are nearing the end of their contracts. It’s not time to buy a new midfielder, it was 12 months ago. Now, this is not optional. It is a necessity.

Kaiseido will be joining a big team very soon and he has joined him publicly confess He would join Chelsea if the Blues came. The seeds have already been sutured.

Under a contract until 2025, Caicedo is a feasible option for Chelsea. He understands the league and has already mastered the manager’s tactics, allowing him to settle in faster than an outside player who poses a greater risk.

It makes all the sense in the world. That wasn’t usually enough for the old Chelsea system, but whoever gets the party going this time needs to turn the record around and make sure it’s for them.

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