Moonbirds NFT on Spotify: How to Unlock Tokenized Playlists


  • Spotify is rolling out Web3 playlists for Moonbirds NFT owners.
  • Walled NFT demo playlists are available in five countries so far.
  • Moonbirds NFT A slight uptick of 1.5% amid the news.

Moonbirds NFT, the trademark polka dot owls, is a group of blue chips whoops on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. NFT profile photo collection holders are now available for a special treat on the most popular music broadcast service. In fact, Spotify recently announced that NFT-gated and tokenized Spotify playlists are coming into effect as part of the music streaming giant’s Web3 dive.

The cross-sector alliance allows music fans and blockchain to participate in decision-making by curating playlists. According to the token-gated playlist beta specification, currently only Android users can access the Moonbirds NFT playlist at Spotify app.

How to embrace the voices of the digital renaissance

First, to get to Voice of the digital renaissance Playlist on Spotify, the user has to press the special link sent to the email address and plug in their wallet once they are on Spotify. Secondly, after the wallet is connected, the Web3 plugin will be able to Find your moonbirds NFT and provide you with a one-time key to unlock the playlist.

sponsored SongBirds & Danny Lee, playlist this now Taking suggestions From the crypto community on Twitter. according to Twitter poll by SongBirdsMore than half of NFT holders would like to hear Electronic/LoFi House sound in their playlist.

while, Music lovers and blockchain She splits into two camps about the new Moonbirds NFT and Spotify collaboration. In fact, many people are Twitter encryption It is tempted to believe that this Moonbirds utility will not significantly increase the value of the NFT pool and is mainly used as a tool by Spotify to assess the capabilities of blockchain technology.

on the flip side

  • While this Spotify feature is still in testing mode, it’s currently only for holders of Spotify United StateThe United Kingdom, Germany, Azerbaijan and Australia can access the new feature.

Why is this important

Spotify’s Web3 projects are playing an important role in testing the benefits that blockchain technology can bring to the music industry.

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