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MSI’s Gameverse creates portals to the Metaverse, through which to be chosen.

Not to be confused with the social media giant of the same name, the Metaverse is for this generation what dial-up internet was until the 1990s: it’s explosive, and it’s just getting started. If you are a creator, gamer, office visitor, student, movie buff, travel enthusiast, or fan of any kind of art; Metaverse going to change your life.

so what he is metaverses?

Think of a world where you are not limited by your body – where you can jump back and forth in time and space, change races, genders, species, and even be a tree, a rock or a rocket! Sounds like science fiction? More like science fact. The technology exists today, and gamers have known it for nearly two decades.

The Promise

Just in case you thought this was all fun and games (just!), the Metaverse isn’t just for gamers anymore. Microsoft and Facebook have introduced virtual workspaces where teams can meet, exchange ideas, use advanced design tools, and leverage data to create products, processes, arts, buildings, and experiences (perfect!) in virtual sandboxes. , resulting in much faster timelines for all kinds of real-world innovations.

So, how do we hook up in the Metaverse?

For starters, you need the right hardware. Metaverse includes (and demands) a Many of processing power. A laptop in your office will be just as useful in the Metaverse as your Everest climbing running shoes. Yes, you’ll need a VR headset too, but investing in one before upgrading your base hardware is definitely an example of putting the cart before the horse.

Fortunately, MSI already has a line of Metaverse-ready laptops. Who are MSI? MSI, or Micro Star International, is the world’s most trusted name in gaming and esports, and is now breaking new paths in digital content creation. This is a company that has watched gamers play, and has leveraged their gaming expertise to improve the design of their products. The same with content creators.

Results? Laptops that push the boundaries of gaming performance, featuring stunning color accuracy, long-lasting battery life, HD audio and premium performance in an ultra-portable and stylish body for creators of all stripes around the world.

MSI Gameverse is a love letter to the Metaverse and draws inspiration from the limitless possibility in the future technologies that will come from it. After all, this is where the human race is headed, this is where the promise of technology is fulfilled, where we find answers to life, the universe and everything. Not kidding.

Rider GE: Ride Among the Stars

With its faster-than-light performance, the “Raider GE” series evolves into a powerful interstellar spacecraft that traverses the entire universe with your brilliant idea. It doesn’t matter which direction or distance you want to expand, or how fast you want to reach (the warp is driving anyone?), these laptops will get you to the finish line. With an unparalleled full power of 220W between a 12th generation hybrid architecture CPU (45W) and top of the line NVIDIA RTX 30 Series GPU (175W) that unleashes superior performance without sacrificing frequency and stability under full load, it can Raider can take you to the extreme, as fast as you dare. Also, with the new MSI Mystic Light, the view is stunning (with 16.7 million colors!).

Vector GP: Explore Unknown Dimensions

The “Vector GP” series, named after the scientific starting point, represents humanity’s knowledge of the first, second, and third dimensions and its exploration of the unknown. It was Vector GP Born to performwith the incredible power of 12th Gen Intel processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards. WiFi 6E gives you the broadest bandwidth, and MSI OverBoost technology helps users achieve record levels of performance by unlocking the CPU and GPU to deliver a performance boost when you’re out there desperately need it.

Crosshairs 15: zero in. Goal. to focus. win over.

Earth will always need heroes. Science fiction will one day become science fact, and when that day comes, an elite force of highly trained warriors will be humanity’s last hope. Or so says Tom Clancy, in Rainbow 6 Extraction. Training as part of the REACT team has never been easier than with the MSI Crosshair 15. With a performance in mind, the Crosshair 15 Series is designed for first-person shooters. And while he scores highly on the job, he delights in the look. From the extraction logo that lights up when the laptop is turned on, to the sci-fi spectral backlit keyboard, to the design that helps dissipate heat faster, the Crosshair 15 is the finely tuned machine every champion needs.

Create a file Globalism Universe

From the virtual world, to the tangible world, to our future in distant galaxies; This is perhaps the first time in human history that we have been restricted only by our imaginations. And of course the juice found in our laptops.

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