Musk Spikes Milady Meme Coin Price 11.632% with NFT Meme


  • Twitter is abuzz with Milady speculation as Bybit lists the token.
  • Milady Maker profile picture The NFT pool is at an all-time high.
  • Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) jumped 11,632% after Musk’s meme.

Twitter and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk did it again – Head of Twit The latest post reverberated through the cryptosphere, instantly sending nascent memecoin Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) up by a whopping 11,260.5%. ‘The Dogefather’ posted a trademark Milady meme with the top line saying “There is no meme.” The bottom tag concludes: “I love you.”

Right after the message, the price of the NFT floor is the Milady Maker NFT collection rose to 4.91 Ethereum (ETH), which equals $8,969. The popular and controversial project immediately tops its all-time high (ATH), which has been around since August 2021 but has quadrupled in NFT The lowest price since March 30, 2023.

Out of nowhere: Milady Meme Coin inks 11,632%

Along with the NFT price hike, the recent meme tweet by Elon It ignited a massive daily bullish move for previously unknown Memecoin. Inspired by the Milady NFT pool, the token has climbed to the top 250.

At the time of publication, Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) is trading At $0.000000113138according Queen Gekko. Chibi street style aesthetic inspired memecoin has already been welcomed with a maximum reach of 888,000,888,000,888 with a maximum view of 888,000,888,000,888 ByteIt is a major crypto exchange headquartered in Dubai.

The mystery wallet was created an hour before the stunt

Interestingly, the data analytics company Blockchain LookOnChain Discover a new wallet address at Ethereum The network was created just an hour before Elon Musk’s stunt.

According to on-chain data, the mystery investor bought eight trillion LADYS tokens after withdrawing 25 ETH from Binance. These were the only two transactions the account made, much to the surprise of cryptocurrency investors.

on the flip side

  • Pictures of AD are linked to a Nazi cult, Allegedly responsible for Suicide of a minor girl.
  • Milady NFTs use concentration camp names publicly, while the founder is notorious for his hate speech.
  • originated from, Remilia They are self-proclaimed “art extremists”, referring to Far-right views.

Why should you bother

The memecoin craze presents many opportunities for crypto investors and generates social signals for crypto and blockchain technology.

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