My story of telling the SEC “I told you so” on FTX via Cointelegraph

My story of telling the SEC “I told you so” on FTX

“I hate to say I told you so” is an oft-repeated statement that is rarely true. It’s a nice feeling to claim credit for warning about a problem in advance. This is a liberty I take with the federal financial regulators in the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

In January of this year, while serving as a member of the SEC Investors Advisory Committee advising SEC Chairman Gary Gensler on cryptocurrency and other matters, I petitioned the SEC. I asked them to open an official public comment about the unique issues presented by crypto and other digital assets. I cited cryptocurrency custody and intermediary conflicts of interest as major issues the SEC must address.

JW Verrett Associate Professor at George Mason School of Law. He is a forensic accountant who practices cryptography and also practices securities law at Lawrence Law LLC. He is a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board Advisory Board and a former member of the SEC Investors Advisory Committee. He also leads the Crypto Freedom Lab, a think tank that campaigns for policy changes to preserve the freedom and privacy of crypto developers and users.

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