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Interview with author Monica Hessey

the novel Really good, actually It starts with the end of marriage and list. Maggie explains: “My marriage ended because I ate in bed. Or because he liked electronic music and tough movies about guys in nature. Or because I didn’t.” Perhaps the real problem is that Maggie and John “got carried away” after going to nine weddings a year and decided to have their own “big party where we told everyone we were geniuses because we love each other and gave us $3,000.” But whatever the reason, Maggie suddenly finds herself going through a divorce at the age of 29.

Monica HesseyA buzzy fictional debut tells Maggie’s hilarious, hilarious, and meticulously detailed story against the backdrop of our health-obsessed world. But it’s also an ode to friendship and a reminder to honor the people who text back when you’re freaking out in the middle of the night.

Monica is a Toronto-born writer and comedian who has written for TV shows such as Sheet Creek And working mothers. We chatted over Zoom one recent Saturday evening, and it’s as warm and funny as you’d expect. Here, she shares her favorite sunscreen, what she learned from Nora Ephron, and the best thing to do after a bad day…

Monica Hessey Beauty Uniform

What is your concern for writing? Really good, actually?
I went through divorce myself at a young age, and knew immediately I wanted to write about it. I realized that if I wanted to talk about my feelings in an honest way, the easiest way to do that was to create an imaginary vessel. I have read and watched so many depressing stories of divorce and heartbreak and they have resonated with me. But I was also intrigued by the amount of experience that was escalated to the point that it was comically absurd. Things are often funny in retrospect, but even in the present day, it was so intense that there’s something instantly funny about it.

You write for TV, and when I think of people who write for TV, I imagine a huge conference table full of snacks. But writing a novel is a very lonely thing. What was it like moving between these two work modes?
When you write TV with a group, people always give you feedback. Laughter is an automatic response, so you can bring up something and see if your idea is worth pursuing, honestly and quickly. Whereas when you’re writing a novel, it’s just you…in your room…alone.

Writing a novel started out as less fun — and more disturbing — but then it flipped. When you’re in the creative phase of television, where anything is possible and ideas flow so easily within a set, that’s one thing. But when it comes to productions, you have limits on budget, schedule, cast, and even how much daylight is left. It is much more difficult. You could have had an amazing creative experience and then swoop in and change the practicalities. But with the novel, you can do whatever you want. You decide what the weather looks like. That freedom was empowering once I got over the total fear of just being on the page.

Monica Hessey Beauty Uniform

in Astonishingly recent interviewI said, “My working theory is that if you can write a good dinner party, you can write anything.” I love that. You’ve talked about Nora Ephron being a huge inspiration. What did you learn from her work?
I’m obsessed with Nora Ephron’s eye for contradictions in people. She was non-judgmental and saw inconsistency as a normal part of being a person. If you’re trying to portray a character with any degree of fullness, I think it’s important to understand that no one has a completely coherent, coherent worldview. people say things they don’t mean; People take back the things they mean. I think every character should be a messy character, because everyone is a messy person.

Do you have a favorite on-screen breakup?
one in You’ve got mail, where Meg Ryan and Greg Kinnear realize that neither of them are interested in him anymore. You can see all the tension release, and suddenly they’re laughing and flirting. This ease comes back to the relationship right away because they called it the dynamic… even though the dynamic is “we can’t be together anymore.”

Monica Hessey Beauty Uniform

When you’re stressed or having a bad week, what have you found helpful?
I cringe to say it, but, exercise. It really helps with mental health. I love the spin class in the dark. And seeing a good friend out for dinner, when neither of you are on the phone, can relieve stress. The only thing I missed during the pandemic was going out with a friend and experiencing myself through their looks. There is so much warmth and loving concern in being with a friend and feeling what they reflect. Therefore, I would say a nice, well-lit dinner with loved ones or a poorly lit class on your own.

Monica Hessey Beauty Uniform

I want to talk about the role of friendship in your book. Many friendships actually last for romantic relationships; Yet friendships are seen as secondary. In your account, a lot of deep love seems to happen between friends.
I’d been reading so many novels about unlikable or complicated women, and it struck me that they were all friendless. I found it baffling, because, realistically, for every complex female protagonist, there are maybe four jaded, out-of-frame friends. I wanted to have these people at the center of the story. It’s a novel about someone going through a personal crisis, and I don’t think most people go through these crises alone. So, I wanted to celebrate the role of friendship groups. I also didn’t want them to sound like friends in a traditional rom-com whose only interests are the love life of the main character. These people have full and busy professional and romantic lives and take time out of that life to provide care and support. They are not there just to say, “What did he do?!?”

When you were divorcing, were there any things your friends did or said that stood out?
When I realized my marriage was really over, I told my girlfriend Evanie, and she was at my house in an hour with a bag of groceries. She’d say, “We can talk about it or we can’t talk about it, but I’m making you potatoes.” I made this delicious dinner with mashed potatoes. I felt like everything in my life was falling apart, but here were these perfect, crunchy fries.

Let’s talk about poetry. Can you tell me about your bangs?
I’ve wanted bangs forever, but all the hairdressers I saw as a teen wouldn’t give me that. They were very adamant that bangs wouldn’t be flattering on my round face. When I was studying abroad, my friend Laurel had a short fringe and I told her I loved her. I asked why I didn’t have bangs if I loved them so much. I was like, “Oh, I’m not sure they’ll work on my face shape.” You cut them for me that night. I was 20 and have had it ever since. I cut them myself a long time ago.

I cut my hair throughout the epidemic with kitchen scissors. Last month I finally went to get a professional haircut and it was such a difference.
When I started cutting my bangs professionally, the insanity of my idea was immediately revealed. I was like, Oh my God, I was so disrespectful about the skill and skill of my hairstylist. I’m a fool and a fool!

How do you take care of your hair?
Around the time of the breakup, she started getting Instagram ads for Edo salon in San Francisco. They do $800 worth of shaving stubble. I booked a million of them and showed my hairdresser. I’ve always had wavy hair that’s hard to style. But when I felt isolated, I knew I already had curly Poetry. Curly hair has been a revelation because you can maintain a beautiful shape without much effort.

Monica Hessey Beauty Uniform

What is your skincare routine?
As a ginger, I am obsessed with sunscreen. I own Hi sun hidden sun stick in each bag. I also love that snail stuff. in the morning after wash my faceI will wear it COSRX Snail Repair Essence.

What about the night?
I wash my face with Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water and then Clinique Take The Day Off Balm Cleanser. I also use A313 Retinol Pomade before sleep.

Everyone I know uses it A313 completely dedicated.
It changed my life – I no longer have pimples! I also notice a big difference in terms of glow. During the pandemic i was curious about retinol but i have sensitive skin. I read that this was a step up from your average retinol but not the same as a prescription retinol. I was intimidated by all the cleansing and exfoliating that can happen with a prescription retinol, but A313 hasn’t caused me any issues at all. Now I recommend it to everyone I know.

Monica Hessey Beauty Uniform

Do you wear makeup?
Being a ginger, i feel there is some daily investment required to have visible facial features. I work with my eyebrows forehead boy. My #1 favorite ever Milk makeup highlighter. Easy to apply and gives you a very natural glow. I use Benitein On my lips and cheeks, I swear Eyeliner by Charlotte TilburyLight brown color smudged at the lash line.

How about makeup for a special event?
I love an excuse to go crazy. I love the bold lip. I love the graphic liner. Teens on TikTok are doing amazing things, and I enjoy stealing their ideas. Violet It makes my favorite liquid eyeshadow in a range of colors.

Which pharmacy do you prefer?
My friend Claire turned me on eye redness drops. All i try to do on my face is combat redness. I get dry and red eyes, but a nice clear eye makes me feel alert, present, and human.

Monica Hessey

The last thing I wanted to ask you is for readers who are going through a breakup. What advice do you give?
My main advice is, don’t try to skip the bad part. It will be tempting to try to move on. I mean, that’s basically what Maggie’s character does for the entire novel; She’s trying to get past the part where she freaks out. But you have to make it bad and be nice to yourself. And then – that part was hard for me – part two don’t lose sight of the fact that someday you’ll feel good again. Let yourself freak out and know it’s going to be okay. I hope someone will come and make you fries.

Thank you very much and congratulations Monica!

Monica Hessey Beauty Uniform

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