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National Geographic, one of the most popular magazines around the world, has gotten in on the NFT game with the Nat Geo Genesis NFT kit. The nature-focused magazine has brought together 16 prolific photographers to showcase their images at the crack of dawn and immortalize sunshine with the help of blockchain technology.

GM: Dawn is all over the world It encompasses what “Good Morning” means to people around the world and pairs well with the magazine’s art of storytelling through gorgeous images.

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1,888 Nat Geo NFTs to celebrate sunshine

National Geographic has selected Polygon (MATIC) for its new landscape imaging NFT project. In order for Dawn NFTs to see the light of day, Nat Geo has partnered with Snowcrash, the NFT tech hub, which is set to bring the Web3 community together via exclusive NFT drops and creative studio activities.

What’s more, the exclusive edition of National Geographic GM: Daybreak Around the World is comprised of 1,888 NFT pieces of art – to celebrate the year it was founded. The NFT collection contains 16 photos of 16 famous photographers and digital artists.

16 gorgeous sun images around the world have been altered in 118 different ways, making the same artwork slightly different from each other, so nature lovers and NFT enthusiasts can choose their personal favorites with different picture effects. NFT Mint is priced at 215 MATIC ($223) at the time of publication.

Polygon (MATIC) shines in Web3

Polygon (MATIC), No. 10 by global market capitalization, set a great example for competitors in 2022 when Polygon’s carbon-neutral chain managed to strike deal after deal. MATIC has partnered with Coca-Cola (NYSE:) for Pride NFT collection, while Starbucks (NASDAQ::) has tapped Polygon for its Web3 project called “Starbucks Odyssey.”

It was also the only blockchain company chosen by the Disney Accelerator Program. Naturally, the partnership with Disney was a much-needed reputation boost for hosting the Warner Music Group Metaverse project platform. Moreover, Magic Eden NFT Market has added support for MATIC. Recently, MATIC teamed up with Mastercard (NYSE:) to help up-and-coming independent artists.

At the time of publication, MATIC is trading at $0.993550, according to Queen Gekko. Moreover, the altcoin recently reclaimed the key $1 support level for the first time since November 12, 2022. Finally, the scaling solution for (ETH) has just undergone a hard fork, further reducing its carbon footprint.

on the flip side

  • Nat Geo’s move prompted an intense response from the magazine’s readers.
  • The outburst of anger doesn’t just come from readers who lack an understanding of technology.
  • After launch, Snowcrash NFT crashes constantly, making it difficult to use NFTs on the portal.
  • Snowcrash’s Discord is said to be silent as NFT fans are unanimously angry at the bug.

Why should you bother

National Geographic is one of the most popular magazines of all time, published monthly for more than 135 years. The Web3 projects of these well-established brands can greatly increase blockchain adoption.

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