NFL suspends Bills OL Bobby Hart for allegedly punching Titans coach in the head


The NFL on Tuesday suspended Bobby Hart for one game after buffalo bills Allegedly the guard punched a Tennessee Titans Head coach on Monday.

The league announced Hart’s suspension in a memo that includes a letter from NFL Vice President for Football Operations John Runyan addressed to Hart. In Runyan, Hart searches for an unnamed Titans player near the next tunnel Buffalo win 41-7 Monday night. Hart then swung on the Titans player and instead hit an unnamed Titans coach in the head, according to the NFL.

Runyan’s message reads: “While both teams were heading into the tunnel, you walked straight across the field to look for your opponent. You approached him near the end zone and the coach had to hold you back while the others shook hands.”

“Once you and your opponent were in the end zone near the tunnel, you confronted him and immediately swung him with a closed fist, hitting the Tennessee coach’s head. Your aggressive behavior could have caused serious injury and obviously does not reflect the high levels of sportsmanship expected of a professional.” .

The NFL cited the league’s unsportsmanlike code of conduct in its commentary release. Hart was suspended from Sunday’s game, an East Asian encounter against his compatriot 2-0 Miami Dolphin. He will be eligible to return to training after Sunday’s game.

A Buffalo Bills attacker tackles Bobby Hart as he takes off his helmet while playing the Los Angeles Rams during an NFL football game Thursday, Sept. 8, 2021, in Englewood, California (AP Photo/John McCoy)

Bobby Hart will miss Sunday’s game against the Dolphins unless she succeeds on appeal. (AP Photo/John McCoy)

Hart has the option to appeal the suspension. If so, the appeal will be heard by a jointly agreed-upon officer between the NFL and the NFLPA. The video of the alleged incident did not surface until Tuesday afternoon. Neither Hart, nor Bills, nor the Titans have publicly addressed this issue.

Hart, 28, is a backup guard for Bills. Selection of the seventh round by New York Giants In 2015, Hart was a member of the Titans coaching team last season before Signed by bills in November. buffalo She brought it back in a one-year deal This is offseason. Prior to this season, Hart played 83 NFL games, including 67 games over eight seasons for the Giants, Cincinnati BengalsTitans and Bills.


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