NFT Wallet: Top 12 Analytics Tools for Tracking NFTs Projects in 2022

The Non-fungible code The (NFT) market has recently gained a lot of attention from the creative industry. The market size has grown evenly, which according to Modern report It has a compound annual growth rate of 35.27% and is expected to register an additional growth of $147.24 billion between 2021 and 2026.

Likewise, the hype around NFTs has continued to attract investors from all walks of life while corporate organizations are getting more and more interested in the space by the day. For example, weekly NFT sales volume increased from 100 sales in 2017 to 15,000, or even 50,000, in 2022.

Amid rising public interest, many new NFT projects are being created every day with the potential to change the future of the industry or possibly destroy your wallet. why is that? You can ask. Keeping track of the best NFT projects and which ones are likely to be scams is not an easy task for anyone, regardless of your experience in the field.

To stay ahead of the game and maintain a profitable NFT portfolio, there is a need to track multiple activities ranging from mint dates to project announcements and countdown auctions. Hence, you need to use different analytics tools for NFT; With these items in place, you can stay up to date with auctions, project launches and market statistics.

However, we decided to put together some of the best analysis tools to help investors track different NFT projects in 2022. Well, let’s get the show on the road!

NFT merchants often choose to mint directly on Etherscan to ensure they are withdrawing from the correct contract. etherscan It allows users to search the Ethereum blockchain for free. You can find past transactions, wallets, smart contracts, and other details related to Ethereum-based assets and trades.

Users can also use Etherscan to learn more about transactions on the Ethereum network that range from transferring coins to buying NFTs. The platform breaks down each transaction to show its characteristics, whether it is for a simple transfer, lending activity, trading, or any other type of activity.

attribute sniper It is one of the most used trading platforms for NFT, with more than 2 million monthly active users. The analytical platform also doubles as a metadata sniffing tool that calculates the rarity in the NFT pool as soon as it is uncovered, opening up many profit opportunities.

The platform scans NFT pools easily and quickly. It can scan any number of NFT stacks and reveal instant ratings in less than 30 seconds. It has a 95% accuracy rate and can also set up alerts to alert you to mispriced NFTs.

Founded in 2017, BitDegree It is an online research tool for NFT investors. It allows users to search thousands of NFT pools and analyze them by various metrics, including blockchain protocol, sales, users, and trade volume. The platform can also track the best NFTs based on market performance (i.e. demand) and provide recommendations.

BitDegree also has a dApp Tracker that allows users to explore, track, and analyze all blockchain dApps. Similarly, the platform allows users to customize their cryptanalysis process by enabling them to stack a set of projects that they can monitor, set conditional events, and track performance fluctuations.

non-innate It boasts the largest database of collectible blockchain and crypto gaming markets. It provides real-time project ratings, asset price evolution, and advanced market analysis.

The platform also provides data on blockchain holdings and gaming markets, helping investors understand the market while building a valuation model. NonFungible also allows users to compare similar assets to determine if they are getting a fair price when buying or selling an NFT.

DappRadar It is a free go-to website for collecting and analyzing NFT sales. The platform allows you to find the best NFT pools, the highest NFT sales, and the hottest NFT marketplaces.

In 2020, they came up with a wallet tracker for users to monitor their Ethereum wallets in real time. Not only that, DappRadar allows users to directly view the volume, dealers, and sales of any NFT pool. At the same time, Users can keep track of popular NFT pools as well as monitor their sales volume in real time. To date, the platform currently boasts of over 500,000 monthly visits with support for over 20 blockchain protocols.

Definitely one of the most used websites in the world, OpenSea It allows users to trade, buy, sell, and track NFTs. This platform offers you a variety of tracking and analysis tools and makes it easy for you to choose which NFTs to invest in.

Being the largest NFT marketplace in the world, it makes it easy to view all the activity and data of any NFT listed on the platform. The platform allows you to see real-time NFT activity and ranking by going to the stats page. NFTs based on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn blockchains are all supported.

Rare sniper It is one of the largest NFT communities in the world and the best way to check the scarcity of 1911 NFT pools on Ethereum, Solana, and more. She has a community of more than 492k Twitter followers and 321k Discord members.

The platform’s results are for image NFTs, colloquially referred to as JPGs, and more specifically for large NFT pools. The rare tool includes more than 1,500 projects from 18 blockchains.

Rarity Sniper also provides the latest news in the space and an NFT calendar of upcoming mints, helping users stay informed of the market and keep abreast of future mints.

nftbank It is the easiest way to build and manage your entire NFT wallet from one place. It provides you in-depth knowledge about investing in NFT.

For a specific NFT or collection, you can view spending, ROI, and other activities. The NFTBank tool can also be used to manage portfolios. Basic user interface, analytics, and portfolio tracker are just a few of the many services that consumers can access.

Rare tools It is a free tool that is loved by many investors due to its extensive tracking and analysis skills. It provides a simple and easy-to-understand ordering method for NFTs. You can easily compare two NFTs and check how rare an NFT is compared to others in that group.

Rarity works by giving each attribute in a given NFT a rarity score. These scores are then summed up to form an overall NFT scarcity score. The NFTs are then ranked according to their overall rarity score, which makes bartering and trading much easier.

Founded in 2018, cryptoslam It is an NFT aggregator that tracks the location and metrics of many NFTs from more than 50 websites and projects.

Cryptoslam can be used to track daily sales volume, market sellers, mints, market buyers and sellers, NFT pool ranking by sales volume, blockchain by NFT sales volume, and more.

Dune analytics It is one of the most popular free NFT analyzer tools. Dune launched in 2019, and it’s great for those who don’t have much technical knowledge.

Dune lets you organize historical collection data and visualize it as a graph. It is one of the best NFT tools that allows you to monitor the floor prices of NFT pools, NFTs listed for sale, and more.

The platform also allows users to create custom dashboards to conduct deeper research before making an NFT investment. It supports many blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum and Polygon.

Since 2020, Nansen It has earned a reputation for being one of the best premium NFT trackers for investors. Nansen provides insights into the NFT market and makes it easy for you to spot any emerging NFT trends. It also lists the rarity of the NFTs in different groups.

Nansen provides detailed insights into wallet addresses, especially for those owned by crypto whales. NFT Paradise is Nansen’s premier window on the NFT market, providing exclusive insights into the overall state of the market and markets.

It has a leaderboard that presents users with the most profitable investors in the space and allows them to analyze their past investment decisions. Unfortunately, Nansen is not a free platform. that it Pricing begins For $100 per month, paid annually.

With the introduction of new projects and use cases, the NFT market is becoming increasingly complex. As a result, having an in-depth understanding of the market is more important now than ever, which necessitates the use of analytical tools such as those listed above. These analytics tools ensure that you are investing in the right NFT projects and potentially maximizing your profits by tracking any upcoming and current NFTs and more.

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