Nick Siriani rocks in the locker room at a crazy Eagles game

WATCH: Sirianni rocks a chain in the Eagles’ crazy locker room appeared in the original NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Eagles absolutely smoked the Giants Saturday night in South Philly, and it was clear all night that they had the ball. They were dwarfing the Giants on both sides of the ball, and that situation carried over into the locker room after the game.

A few players jumped right on social media in the locker room after the win to give us incredibly hilarious scenes just minutes after winning.

First we go to Darius slaughteredThe Instagram Live took a quick walk around the room.

(Warning: This video contains two NFSW words.)

What a dang scene. This team is having a lot of fun, and they’ve had fun all year long. It was a blast.

Now we cut to CJ Gardner Johnson’s Instagram Live, where Nick Sirianni graces the Dreamchasers series:

Let me have Sirianni shake that chain in a quick close-up, please:

United nations. is being. livable.

All I need now is for Sirianni to swing the chain and toss a slice of Pizza Hut stuffed with pizza crust over the face to really rub giants’ faces.

Up next: either the 49ers or the Cowboys. Either way, no one brings more brag to the NFC Championship Game than this team.

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