Notes: West Virginia football vs. Kansas State

Every week Managing Editor Kenan Cummings gives a look at some of the things that stood out for him during the game and on the stat sheet.

These notes are a snapshot of what happened in West Virginia’s 48-31 loss to Kansas State and what could happen next for the Mountaineers.

– Well, the dream is over, no matter how fast it was. West Virginia won’t be in a ball game in the fourth year under head coach Neil Brown and there’s no other way to split it, but this season is a huge letdown all the way. The Mountaineers are now 21-25 under the Browns at the top of the program and have never managed a three-game winning streak or been seeded the entire period. It seems hard to do so deep in a period, but that’s where we find ourselves and after doubling down on his team’s ability to turn things around and his football program’s demise overdone, the Mountaineers went 2-5. It’s not going to cut it anywhere, but especially so with its much-patient fanbase. I didn’t see this team quit at any point in this match, but it was clear that they didn’t have the ability to compete in this match without some breaks. The head coaches in this game were hired at the same time and the programs are heading in very different directions. The Mountaineers have missed a game on the ball three times in the past 21 seasons and Brown has been the head coach for two of those seasons. Take that however you will but it’s hard to see what’s happened this season and the run as a whole as a net positive right now.

– Only 11 times before as a wide receiver he finished with over 100 yards and 3 touchdown catches in the same game. The last to do so was David Sales against Baylor in 2017 and in total only seven other players in school history are on that list which includes Steadman Bailey, Tyvon Austin, Bradley Starks, Cedric Thomas, Dick Rader and Herbert Barna. James has been a bright spot for the Mountaineers all the way and he really showcases his speed with the ability to open up on the field. James is the first player since 1965 with all the catches that led to a touchdown and passing over 100 yards. He even completed a 12-yard pass!

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