NSAC files complaint after Devine Hani pushed Vasily Lomachenko in her weight before her title bout


The Nevada State Athletic Commission filed a complaint after Devin Haney shoved Vasily Lomachenko at his weigh-in party Friday afternoon, According to ESPN’s Mike Coppinger.

Hani is expected to be fined for the raid, which took place before the game on Saturday in Las Vegas. The NSAC also required that Lomachenko undergo a second pre-fight physical examination out of an abundance of caution.

Friday’s Hani and Lomachenko entered weigh-in. Suddenly, Hani pushed Lomachenko hard in the chest with both hands. This push pushed Lomachenko back before Hani quickly walked off the stage.

Lomachenko didn’t seem fazed by the move, and seemed to be fine.

“Now it’s mine,” Lomachenko said via ESPN. “He doesn’t have the strength…he’s afraid…I see now, and 100% [he’s scared]. “

Things got heated between Devin Haney and Vasily Lomachenko when they weigh in on Friday in Las Vegas.

Things got heated between Devin Haney (left) and Vasily Lomachenko (right) at their weigh-in Friday in Las Vegas (Mickey Williams/TopRank Inc via Getty Images)

Haney is set to earn a guaranteed $4 million for the fight, $1 million more than Lomachenko. Hani, who holds a 29-0 record with 15 knockouts, won the Undisputed Lightweight Championship via unanimous decision over George Kamposos in June. He retained that title in a rematch in October as well.

“This was just the beginning,” Haney said after the installment, via ESPN. “Do you see how easily I pushed him? He is a smaller man and I will impose my will on him.”

Lomachenko, 35, holds a 17-2 record with 11 KOs in his career. He lost his three lightweight titles to Teofimo Lopez in 2020.


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