Nvidia and Microsoft are bringing a GPU-based AI supercomputer to the cloud

Looking forward: Nvidia and Microsoft are working on a virtual supercomputer with GPU-based Azure instances. The goal of the design is to speed up the latest AI algorithms to create more exotically realistic artwork or perform AI research.

Generative AI models have proven useful for many applications. Machine learning algorithms can Create superhero pictures or pridect Source code from the future, often negatively swing Public opinion with their abilities “in the wrong hands.” A new partnership between two of the world’s largest technology companies promises to accelerate these capabilities, creating an “artificial supercomputer” in the cloud.

Nvidia and Microsoft announced a “multi-year collaboration” for Builds The world’s most powerful supercomputer specifically designed to act as an accelerator for artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. The partnership leverages Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure platform against Nvidia’s cutting-edge GPU hardware. Many other components will speed up the entire suite of connections.

The hardware end includes Nvidia’s “tens of thousands.” A 100 (based on amp) f H100 (Hooper) Enterprise GPUs. The cloud-based infrastructure includes Microsoft virtual machines ND- and GPU-accelerated NC series. Quantum-2’s 400Gb/s InfiniBand networking technology and the company’s AI Enterprise software suite power the communicator.

Essentially designing the new AI supercomputer mission As a cloud service that works with Azure instances. Nvidia explained that customers can acquire resources “as they normally would with a real supercomputer” while the software layer maintains the required virtual hardware.

Architecturally, it is similar to a physical supercomputer but runs on virtual machines “in the cloud”. The most obvious advantage is that it does not require a dedicated (and bulky) physical apparatus in a research lab. However, the available capabilities will allow organizations to scale virtual instances “all the way to a supercomputing state.”

The primary focus of the virtual supercomputer is on improvements and developments in generative AI models. This is a rapidly emerging field of AI research today He approves on models such as the Megatron Turing NLG 530B as the basis for “unsupervised, self-learning algorithms to generate new text, code, digital images, video, or audio.”

Nvidia highlighted how the advancement of AI technologies is accelerating, industry adoption is increasing, and breakthroughs in this field have sparked a wave of research, new startups, and enterprise applications. The partnership with Microsoft will provide customers and researchers with state-of-the-art AI infrastructure and software to harness the transformative power of AI.

Or, in Microsoft’s own words, powerful AI capabilities for “every organization on Microsoft Azure”.

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