Odell Beckham Jr.’s decision could lead to… For the Cowboys or Giants to solidify the legacy

I, a hysterical NFL consumer who once changed plans to be able to catch starting Nick Mullins, was trying to stay emotionally deprived of the “Odell Beckham JrBecause it looks like it might not matter in the end (and it doesn’t seem like much of a lottery, if we’re being honest). Machine Gun Kelly at the American Music AwardsIt’s something other people seem to enjoy discussing but it wouldn’t dramatically change the day-to-day intrigues of my life.

Beckham just turned 30, after all. He hasn’t had a high-volume productive season since 2019 (74 catches, 1,035 yards, four TDs with the Browns). He tore his ACL at the Super Bowl, and tore it up on Oct. 20. That doesn’t mean he’s not a great guy (I think he is, anyway). That doesn’t mean he’s not working hard (I’ve spoken to the people charged with helping him rehabilitate these injuries, and Beckham’s commitment to coming back is amazing). This simply means that all great receivers have a point where they are more of a useful pacemaker than a leadoff catcher, like Tampa Bay’s Julio Jones. And we’re two cycles of hysteria removed from spending a lot of really emotional coin on Jones.

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