OnePlus 11 may get a discount in the US

OnePlus 11 5G 2


  • The OnePlus 11 may have slower wired charging in the US than global models.
  • A leaker claims that US models will charge at 80W versus 100W in the rest of the world.

The 2022 OnePlus flagship phones offered different charging speeds globally versus the US, with global models providing higher wattage than devices in the US. For example, file OnePlus 10 Pro It offered wired charging speeds of up to 80W globally, but topped out at 65W in the US. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 10T Offered 150 watts globally but 125 watt speeds in the US.

Now, frequent mentor Max Jambor has it claimed on Twitter This trend could continue OnePlus 11. More specifically, Jambor confirms that the US model will offer 80W SuperVOOC charging versus 100W SuperVOOC charging globally.

Max Jambor OnePlus 11 charging speeds

However, this may not make much difference to charging times. We’ve found that both the US and global OnePlus 10 Pro models charge within two to three minutes of each other. Furthermore, we found that there was only a minute difference between 125W and 150W charging on the OnePlus 10T.

So this may not be a significant reduction in practice for American consumers. However, we’re keen to test the OnePlus 11 to see if there’s really a significant difference in charging times.

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