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OnePlus sub-brand for its budget and mid-range smartphones, Nord, will soon launch its first smartwatch. OnePlus India, dubbed Nord Watch, has already started in the excitement of launching its upcoming smartwatch.

OnePlus teases the Nord Smartwatch, which will likely launch the smartwatch in early October

There have been rumors and leaks about a smart watch bearing the Nord brand from the company owned by the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait. Six months after the first rumors surfaced on the Internet, OnePlus has officially teased the launch of the smartwatch.

The Nord watch appears to have a standard watch design with a square display, a curved body, prominent lugs and a crown-like push button. The strap design is a simple silicone strap, shown here in black that matches the look of the gray watch.

OnePlus continues to use the term “smartwatch” to describe the current OnePlus Watch even though there is no smart function on display, so the situation may be similar to the Nord Watch. It remains to be seen whether or not the Nord Watch is actually a smartwatch.

Being a Nord device, it should be much less expensive. The Nord Watch is expected to be priced at around $65, or approximately 5,200 rupees. Of course in India, it will cost a little more. However, compared to other smartwatches, this will be a very affordable option. Thus, there is speculation that it may not be a suitable smartwatch, just like the original OnePlus watch.

In typical OnePlus fashion, the company is highlighting that it will share more information about the watch in parts over the remainder of this week and the following week. Speculation is that Nord Watch will be released either by the end of September or early October, just in time for the Indian holiday season.

The 2021 OnePlus Watch didn’t do well in the market and felt like a rough rough draft of a new product line. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that OnePlus may limit the launch of the Nord Watch to countries with a strong user base, before releasing it to the rest of the world.

Fortunately for us, India is one of the strongest markets for OnePlus and has the largest user base for Nord devices. A leak has indicated that the Nord Watch could come in five different styles, but it’s unclear whether it will end up being true.

Given its price, it is very likely that the Nord Watch will not feature Wear OS. Instead, LiteOS should run and offer similar features as other budget smartwatches available in this price range.

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