OpenSea launches support for Ethereum L2 Arbitrum

Starting today, NFT market leader OpenSea will support one of Ethereum’s most active Layer 2 expansion solutions: Arbitrum.

Arbitrum joins four other supported networks currently on the market – Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and Klaytn.

Preparing the most famous NFT groups

OpenSea is confident that it has chosen to provide another platform for creators to mint and sell digital assets.

"This is a first step in building our goal of a Web3 future where people have access to the NFTs they want on the chains they prefer," the company tweeted.

Popular NFT groupssmallverseAnd the GMX “Blueberry Club”And the ‘Diamond Pepsi It will be among the first to be released on the market, according to the official release of OpenSea.

The market continued, noting in another tweet that after the Arbitrum merger, NFT creators would be able to determine the fees associated with selling NFTs on the network.

According to data from Davy LamaThe most popular NFT kits on the Arbitrum network have already attracted millions of dollars in investment. To date, most NFTs have been placed on Arbitrum in smaller markets, such as Stratos and Agora.

The merger comes as OpenSea’s monthly trading activity has fallen to $242 million – a far cry from the all-time high of $4.8 billion recorded in January 2022. Other markets, such as LooksRare, Rarible, SuperRare and Magic, have registered. Eden, all are similar drops in activity.

Since its launch, Arbitrum has become the most popular Layer-2 network in Ethereum, holding around $2.5 billion in total value locked out. Partnership with one of the largest NFT marketplaces available in the form of OpenSea is likely to open up new markets for the project.

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